Alien Beserker

Hi I am new to polycount & I am a 15 year old high school student who design games. I have 3 years experience in 3ds MAX, Photoshop & Zbrush. I am working on a game currrently and am looking for some opinions on my Alien Beserker.


He is made entirly in Zbrush. He is made out of about 125,000 Zspheres but optimized down to about 12,000. His hands are going to wreaking balls with large jagged spikes. the little tendril things will be laying against him not sticking out. his toes are the three things on his feet they will be oriented difrently when he is finished. He is supposed to be covered in rock hard organic carapace armor and the little tendril things are the only way to kill him. I need opinions on what to do with him ive run out of ideas for his head ( the indetion where his head wouldbe is his mouth).


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    Well first thing, you should be using the zspheres to build the basemesh for the sculpt you will be doing, and then sculpt the thing, not make the entire thing out of zspheres.
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    Yeah i'd say its time to unified skin that bad boy, pretty intense.
  • achillesian
    difficult to read at the moment, i see a blob...
  • Fr0stguard
    Here is an update. started sculpting in some of the carapace armor & flushing out the basic shape a bit more.


    Pink=Soft Spots
    Blue= Carapace Armor

  • 3D-209
    Hey man, it's great that you're 15 and already have working knowledge of max and zbrush. It's hard to make many specific comments on the piece you're working on now, but my biggest suggestions in the short term would be:

    1. Read everything you can about the technical aspects of 3D art for games that you can find. Read everything on the Wiki here (the normal map page alone will save you years of experimentation), and read lots of threads in the technical talk section.

    2. Look at LOTS of reference and other people's work while sculpting. Copy things you think look cool to learn how to deal with hard/soft forms and to overcome the blob-factor that it looks like you're starting with here. Don't feel bad about trying to emulate what others have done with sculpts for a while, as long as you're learning it's all good. I don't mean you should outright copy other people's entire pieces. But if you see a sculpt with a good mouth, observe it and try to emulate it while figuring out what makes it good. While studying anatomy based on photographs is invaluable, studying sculpts by people who are already good at it can be easier to figure out. That or go paint people matte grey and take pictures of them in a studio. Same thing!

    3. Do lots of practice sculpts. It's fine to invest in a piece for a while here and there too, but chances are nothing you do right now is going to land you a job (while you're learning), so you might as well get through the quantity of bad stuff now and learn with each new piece. It seems that people often get stuck on one piece and can't commit, thereby learning at lot less than they would if they'd spent the time doing several quicker pieces. I know I still do that all the time.

    I know that all of the above has probably been said here before, and I hope you don't take any of it as me making suggestions you didn't ask for. I have no idea how deep your knowledge of 3D is, so hopefully you don't think I'm talking down to you (for being 15!).

    Keep posting progress, and good luck. I wish I'd started with something other than Bryce when I was 15! :)
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