TF2 - Polypack - Prinny

Target Class: Engineer
submission type: buildables
Weapon Type: 3 sentries

My submission to the polypack contest will be a 3 lv set of sentries.

Though the stats and usage is eventually dictated by valve, I have 2 ideas which would fit into my design.

First off I would like my sentries to specialize in large shelled explosive ammo. Lv2 would double the output. And lv 3 would introduce a similar 1 hit kill similar to the quad rockets from the original sentry set. But the shell for this would would be about as big as all 4 combined.

If that doesn't fly, a grenade launching sentry would also be nice. where the level dictates how many bounces the grenade has if it does not impact with a target. And the lv3 portion shoots proximity mines. Which if they miss will sit there and wait for an opponent, but can be shot.

Though I have been posting progress and seeking feedback mostly on facepunch, according to the rules i have to post all progress on here. The numbered pictures were used for miniature polls. And if you have a comment on any feel free to share.

All feedback is welcome and encouraged.

*note* part of the the leg system for the sentry is valve's, I saw no point in "reinventing the wheel"

Latest Pic

progress pics


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