TF2 - Polypack - Lozanov [2]




So here are the other two weapons the Demoman will wield. Grenade launcher and a bottle of rum :)
Notes: When reloading the GL's crosshair will move around on its rail and will return in position when the Demoman presses the small button located up front. The GL's reload animation will be in L4D2 style.

The bottle will have a 'dripping' animation...that is bubles going up. The other animations for the bottle will remain the same.

I'm running out of time and I'll start animating them tomorrow and any suggestions for change in texture will be considered a couple of hours before the deadline...I will use every minute remaining and will submit my work on 27-th of june at 23:00 PST(one hour before the deadline).

P.S. I've now painted the textures in an attempt to get closer to TF2's style: unwrapped in Zbrush(via UV Master), textured in Mudbox :)




I think I've improved the cannon textures. I used VectorMagic Desktop edition to convert them to vector, thus removing the noise and making the textures look more cartoony and in TF2 style. For some of the textures I previously used photos as source. I also saw the making TF2 textures tutorial but it is just for wood textures. Also if I'm still having too much detail in some parts I may try reducing to Low the details, it is set to Normal now.

As for the rest I thought if I was a Demoman and I kept having problems with ... let's say Scouts(I simply can't hit them) a compromise would be to install a somewhat close-combat thing and I thought of the knife. Since I'm continuing with my pirate idea...pirates love knifes and why not attach them to their guns.

Every pirate needs to drink from time to time. And he drinks RUM!. I'm thinking of maybe texturing the bottle with '' logo if it is not some kind of vialation but I doubt since I'm not making money from this.

Comments? Right or wrongs? Thanks.



Well here is the textured version. Made some modifications and started animating...As always I'm racing the clock now due to my stupidity to start 10 days before the deadline...

Arrrrr...hope Polycount / VALVe approve my idea :)


Second weapon - the almighty sticky launcher or...:


Since demo got a pirate is fitting he should get a pirate weapon Cannon. And for his third unlock(by me) - a pirate drink - RUM!
So cheers, mates. I'll apply Khthon's idea heavily on this cannon to make it look realistic :)

Moar comments pls :)


Hey. Starting late as always I decided to make a replacement primary, secondary and melee for the Demoman.

Here is his primary replacement - Grenade Launcher(mesh only):


I wanted to make it look more unique(as much as I could) initial idea for the spare grenades in the clip(3 in reserve while 1 loaded) was something similar to Quake 2's rocket launcher. However I made it more like in L4D2 that is the reload animation will be similar only not for 1 but four grenades.

Suggestions and comments will be greatly appreciated.
The general idea I have in mind is: 'The Demoman is a massive muscular fellow that can hold and fire huge guns with huge firepower...and he isn't afraid to hurt himself in the process....'
In the end I want at least 2 of these 3 weapons to support this...


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