TF2 - Polycount Pack - The Scrub

I'll post concepts as soon as I can but my Polycount Pack is supposed to be centred around the Sniper with the theme being "What if I don't miss but the guy's still alive?" or just "the professionals improv pack"

primary replacement:
"The Snipe"
Bolt actions are last year and are generally a liability in close to midrange encounters. So my idea is to ditch the bolt action and go with a semi auto that can fire 3 rounds in relatively short intervals (that or just make it a simple reskin).

The Scope can't charge and isn't really a scope anyway but a pair of binoculars.
It's stats should be 50 damage on bodyshot and 150 on headshot though at range the bodyshot damage falloff can be rather harsh. When not zoomed in it has less accuracy.

The name itself is derived from the fact that the binoculars should be birdwatcherish and the snipe is a bird(Sniper is a hunter of game and while hunting probably had a few misses that would have been unforgiveable when using a BA on fast prey)

now I've got the basic form of the mount for the binoculars which also functions as the dots power source as well as the dot and binoculars.
If you think that the mount thing is a bit "unshapely" I'm open to suggestions

Secondary replacement:
"The Magnum Forceful Reconnaissance"
If your foe begins to run off into the distance you won't want a SMG but rather a powerful pistol to finish him off rather than peck at his health.
this pistol could take the form of a magnum or some other pistol however it is equiped with a spotting scope that boasts great magnification for longer range shots.
It could have ambassodor like accuracy (and the same drowback) while shooting using the Scope allowing you to place precision shots while still maintaining close range capabilities though it doesn't have the rapid fire of the SMG and holds only 6 shots.
[yes I corrected the name of this because I got the reference wrong. Magnum Force is played in the background of Meet the Sniper]

and here's is my textureless(because I don't have any yet duh) render for the Magnum

Melee replacement:
"The Piker"
It is important to score a clean kill while hunting but also to have a plan for when you don't as agitated animals and enemies can be quite fierce.
It takes the form of a survival knife with barbs/hooks on the back of the blade pointing in the opposite direction of the thrusting direction.
It deals less overall damage (like the TS) and has less range but it crits if you hit the target with your primary first(probably no random crits though).
It insures that if you need to defend yourself in close quarters or simply want to complete an ambush that you aren't left empty handed when they start getting out melee weapons.


here's a rough render I'm not too sure about how to get it in game

This was my professionals improv kit.
[I'm already working on the primary and hope to be able to show it with the others soon]
I've got the knife pretty much done maybe some better textures on it's hilt and I've got the secondarys model done while the Primary still needs a better body


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