TF2 - Polypack - Mad Mike

Welcome, and thanks for checking out my thread.

I'm a huge fan of Team Fortress 2 and a self taught 3D modeller. I decided to try my hand at this contest. I'd like to get some experience from this one and see if i can come up with anything decent.

Class: Sniper
Theme: Mad Max

I decided to make a pack for the Sniper, drawing inspiration from Mad Max trilogy. Reference is quite clear: Sniper is australian and Mad Max movies were shot in Australia as well. Furthermore, Sniper is kind of a loner, who prefers to do things his way and so a loner was Max. I'm a fan of the Mad Max films and since no one came up with such a theme, I'll try it.


So far I've the following ideas for new items:

Hat: The Night Rider Glasses and possibly face cover:



Misc. item: Main Force Patrol styled badges


This one would fit quite good with team colored background and MFP letters replaced with RED or BLU


Or I might try to make something based on this one, still have to decide. Sketches will come tomorrow probably.


Melee: The Toecutter Most likely I'll base it on that meat cleaver look-a-like used by the Toecutter in the first episode. Will add some stuff to it, as it looks too blank on its own.



Secondary: Outlander's Outburst Replacement for the submachine gun, basically modified version of the assault rifle from Beyond Thunderdome. I will change the proportions to fit it into the TF2 style and match overall look to the original SMG. And put some stuff on it of course.




Primary: Maybe the crossbow he handed over in Bartertown, but I'm not sure about this one actually. There's not much of it seen in the movie, either. If I make the other 3, then maybe.

After watching The Road Warrior once again I noticed that there were more crossbws, maybe I'll make one of them.

Update history:
25.06 - Outburst finished, on to the Toecutter

20-24.06 -
Lost track due to undersleepness and general tiredness. Or whatever the name, I'm tired.

19.06 -
AO shots of finished Outburst mesh

16.06 -
Outburst update

14.06 -
Beginning of the SMG model

13.06 -
Start of the Toecutter

12.06 -
More SMG silhouettes, hat idea

- Concept arts added

- Topic started. Ideas for melee, misc and secondary replacements, some pictures
I'll try to put some concepts up tomorrow. I look forward to hearing your opinions on my idea so far (though there should be more to comment on tomorrow). Any suggestions are welcome.


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