ergh....sculpting is tricky....Mudbox or Zbrush?

So, im trying to dive face first into the world of sculpting and high poly and finding myself drowning haha

Doing my best to sculpt and read through a book on Zbrush, but not being able to do what I want at this point is discouraging in of itself. With that being said, I'm trying to keep my game face on and know that I didn't get good at 3D art in a day, and sculpting is a whole new realm; patience is not only a virtue is required.

What program would really serve me best in learning first would you guys say? Zbrush then Mudbox or Mudbox then Zbrush? Zbrush seems pretty nice and probably better suited for better sculpting, however, I know Mudbox is pretty big in the industry too. The only thing that really irks me about Mudbox is it seems more vertex manipulation based. Is there a way to change this by chance?


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