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I've decided to do a pack for the soldier as I simply like his character... who doesn't like a crazy *cough* wannabe *cough* *cough* soldier? :)

Theme: Government Issue

The Shell Shocker


Mortars are weapons for peace loving hippies such as your grandmother who want to stay as safe as they can. What the hell is indirect fire? The only way to kill someone is up close, direct, and personal, preferably with explosives so they turn into a million little tiny pieces. The "Shell Shocker" is the best way to do this. It takes the only thing a mortar is good for - lots of BOOM - and thrusts it in the front line. Your grandmother better cover her eyes.

CO's Colors


Retreat is never an option. And this radio will let every cowardly maggot on your team know. Tell them you've singlehandedly got the entire enemy team pinned down and they better come before you blow them all to pieces. Every maggot who is smart enough to realize that killing is more fun than playing dress up or sandwich eating parties and joins you will recieve a mini-crit damage dealing bonus for 10 seconds after the call.

The Ten Incher


Of all the usages of a bayonet, one trumps all: killing people. Stabbing maggots to death was the sole reason why Sun Tzu invented war. It was the way he fought, it was the way your grandmother fought, and it is the way you fight. And dammit, with these 10 inches of cold hard steel, you are a death dealing machine who WILL personally kill every, communist, America hating, sandwich eating, hippie-maggot you meet. That's an order.


[B]UPDATE 6/18/10[/B]

Just a few more details needed on the[COLOR=SeaGreen][B] Shell Shocker[/B][/COLOR]...


Starting on the radio - buff banner replacement (more details on the 3rd page towards the bottom)


[B]UPDATE 6/12/10[/B]

scope pretty much done... the whole thing (modelling) is also for that matter just need to stick on a few more details


[B]UPDATE 6/10/10[/B]

Getting there...



(Also putting code tags around all the stuff on the bottom because this post is getting quite large ;) )

[B]UPDATE 6/8/10[/B]

Going for a more rounded design to resemble a mortar round...


[B]UPDATE 6/7/10[/B]

Rocket launcher started


building on my earlier concept


There are differences between the two.... and reasons why... details below :)

[B]UPDATE 6/4/10[/B]


MAGGOTTS LISTEN UP!!! New shipments have been coming in (read: model is in game)


details below

[B]UPDATE 6/1/10[/B]

I've rethought these items as it quickly became apparent that they won't work.

The poncho is out - read a bit about jigglebones and they don't look too good for physics on an entire cloth almost as big as the character... I'll still be toying with a replacement for the buff banner though.

The canteen is going to be a misc item complete with its own holder to put on the soldier's belt.

A rocket launcher replacement that will have some mortar influences and a bit of a bazooka - mainly want to make it look like a mortar but it still needs to look like a rocket launcher - fleshing that out now


This is my new melee idea which is a bayonet stuck on top of a broken shovel held in place with barbed wire - don't worry I'm going get to modelling so I have something to post other than my horrible concepting :)


As a melee replacement I plan to do a canteen
every good soldier should have one and it'll be a simple model for me to work out the kinks of getting stuff in source :) I also was thinking something along the lines of a taunt to put out fire and prevent afterburn for 10 seconds or something but I guess that's up to valve.

Secondary... the buff banner is one of my favorite items in game and I'd like to do something with it - always thought the flag looked a little weird so I might do something with a superhero type cape (of course improvised from a military issue poncho) like one of these

also fits in with the backpack as if I'm not mistaken real US soldiers in WWII and Korea carried their ponchos in them

And as for the primary weapon I'd like to do something original with a typical US soldier theme... already saw a bazooka being made by someone around here (great idea) so that's out of the picture. 

May do something with a recoiless rifle that he stole off a jeep and converted for his own use or even a mortar carried on its side that he "taught" himself how to use... I guess you guys can help me decide ;)


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