Mudbox Texture Painting Problem

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Hey guys, been trying to get my head round this for the past few hours and can't seem to get anywhere.

I'm using Mudbox to sculpt and paint a stone column, but I've got a problem when it comes to texture painting. Whenever I try to paint in Mudbox, I get this strange 'grid' effect that I can't seem to eliminate. The thing is, the problem with the texture occurs along the topology of the base mesh; it's almost as if Mudbox thinks each edge is a seam, when it definitely isn't (I've tried welding in Max, to no avail).

Might help if I told how the model was built. I made a base mesh in Max, imported this into Mudbox and sculpted it. Then I imported the lowest subd of the mesh back into max and unwrapped it (I know it's a terrible workflow!), and then re-imported the new uvs into mudbox again.


Another problem, possibly related, is that whenever I apply a new paint layer to my model, at level 0, parts of the mesh seem to disappear. This can be seen in the following shot:


Any idea what's going on? It has me stumped!


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