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Y_M polycounter lvl 10
My pack is now totally finished and submitted:

-Schwaben Charger - Medigun replacement
-Tonsil Guillotines - saw replacement
-Overdose - Needlegun replacement
-Backpack replacement

----Original post starts here----

I wanted to give the medic some item love way back when the contribute site was first put up. I started a new blutsauger and eventually gave up on it. I'm back to do a proper job this time.

I've started some thumbs for the medigun:
I love the homebrew feel to all of the weapons in the original TF2 universe, tape on the medigun, the petrol nozzle trigger on the flamethrower etc, I really want to bring that into my designs, you can expect tape on anything I make, as long as there is room for it!

I've a few ideas for the other weapons but no solid concepts to show yet.

I know functionality isn't part of this, but I have had fun coming up with some (file may change as I think of new ideas or decide others are over/underpowered)
Just for fun


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