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Big Chief Hibernating Bear

Big Chief (hat, 794 tris, 2x256x256 textures, red and blue)


Look like a bad ass.

Gatling Gun (minigun replacement, 6790 tris, 512x512 texture)


The Gatling Gun is taken from an alternate time line where Custer took the gatling guns of the 20th infantry with him during the battle of Little Bighorn. The Gatling Gun was captured by the Sioux while crossing the river at Medicine Tail Coulee and Custer was still defeated by Crazy Horse's charge on Custer Hill... I mean wasn't that obvious?

Idea for stats: Gatling Gun

Has an "Overheat Meter" which fills up when firing and once the gun overheats you have to wait for the bar to clear before you can start shooting again.

The overheat is to make it so that the heavy has to make difficult decisions about when to fire and does not become too effective at range.

Peyote (sandvich replacement, 1711 tris without bite, 1649 tris with bite, total 3360 tris, 512x512 texture)


Taken by shamen to commune with the spirit world and strengthen their animal totems.

Idea For Stats: Peyote

Some kind of buff?
Drugs you for the duration of the buff.

When thrown down for friendlies it heals 50, when thrown down for enemies it heals 50 and drugs for a short time (how bad the drugging is can be tweaked to balance the item)?

Bear Claws (fist replacement, 4898 tris, 2x512x512 textures red and blue)


If you didn't know that Native Americans would strap animal claws to their fists when preparing for combat then you didn't study history right. There was this one guy whose animal totam was a fish and he had flippers strapped to his knuckles. The other shamen avoided him at parties.

Idea for Stats: Bear Claws

Knockback effect

Reduced damage

So it will usually be used as a hit and run (once you've knocked someone back they can run away from your heavy ass). It can also be used to get environmental kills and if you get someone in a confined space you can give them a good mauling as you swat them around.

Warpaint (misc, 2x1024x1024 texture replacements red and blue)


When combined with hats other than the Big Chief, warpaint will make the heavy look like a football hooligan.

Buffalo Steak


Made last minute in an awful hurry. Got an email from Brandon Rhinehart on the 5th of Dec. Playtesters had flagged that some might find a guy in a native americal Head Dress eating some Peyote and going on a rage killing spree a bit racist. Fair enough. So the option was to either add someone elses edible or for me to make a replacement in the next three days. I obviously dropped everything and rushed through a design. Valve tweaked a few things on the model which I submitted such as making the bone more defined and generally better. I intended to do this myself when I had the time, but no complaints here.

25 May 2010 - The Project Begins

I've been 3d modelling for a while and last week I decided to work out how to make stuff for TF2. Couple of days ago submitted my first (very simple) hat

This update comes out and POW! I'm thinking I might as well jump on this bandwagon and push my skills a little further.

The starting point I'm going to be using for this competition will be from a dicussion I was having with my clan mates last night. That an American Indian head dress would look awesome on the heavy. The Heavy (my main class, 620 hours) loves Amercana (hound dog, football helm) so the head dress works but getting stuff thematic might be tricky.

Then it struck me that serendipity was on my side. The original brass gatling guns are from the same cowboys and Indians setting as the head dress.

Thus the "Big Chief Hibernating Bear" item set is born.

Third item I still have no idea about so I'm going to start throwing ideas around with my clan-mates on The Bar Room Heroes forums and see what we can come up with.

On an unrelated side note in RL I'm a prop maker/artist and I have some interesting projects on the go, so I'll post some pictures of those as I go along too.


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