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Ok, time to start up this tread for some feedback on my latest UDK project. The goal is to create a somewhat functional demo of my game concept which is called "COLONY 28".

COLONY 28 is basically a mystery / exploration game with gameplay that is a mix of games like myst and bioshock. As a boy named Malcholm, the player must explore the vacant underground mining colony that he and his father live in. There are no other characters in the game so the game play will be mainly focused on Malcholms interaction with the environment.

The colony is similar to rapture from bioshock in that it is an isolated colony of people, it is dark, moody, and also decrepit. The overall theme of the colony is art neuveau.

The timeline for this project will be the next six months. So by that time I should have at least a chunk of this game completed.


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