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Max 9 plugin error (code 14001)

Sorry for two help threads in one day guys, but this is urgent. :/

I went to maxplugins.de, and found a recompiled version of the .md3 exporter plugin for max 9-2009. I get a strange error code, "side by side configuration information contains errors." So, I do the natural thing and google it, and get some more info, and I run the .dle file in Dependancy Walker to see what missing DLLs it is referencing. I found that it could be an error with outdated .NET framework, or installing VB libraries. I have the most up to date with both, but I still get the error.

Any suggestions? I need to get a working .md3 exporter for max 9 ASAP, since I am doing some work that requires that model format.

I am running Vista 64bit, 3GB RAM
The version is max 9 32bit SP2 (I only have a license for the 32bit version)

Im running everything in administrator mode.

Here is a screenshot of the dependency walker readout:


Thanks a TON if you can help me to get it working, I will be very grateful. :)


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