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Hor\Vert screen tear windows 7 -

Hey, for some reason I have two kinds of screen tear on my monitor when, on windows 7, I have a video on youtube or any other video on the internet behind a normal page without a video. I see vertical and horizontal screen tear when I have the video behind the normal window and then use the middle mouse to automatically scroll down. It goes away when I just have a normal window up.

Weird. Any ideas guys?

--Sorry for all the screen tear threads these days from me.
Edit- it only happens when windows are decreased in size but not fully minimized ofc.
Edit- That's strange, it only happens when I have the video actually visible on the screen. Say if I scroll down on a video so I can't see it then when I go and scroll onto the new window I don't get the tearing but I do when I scroll back up to the video on the other window.


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