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[SDK] - Goblin!

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Hey folks,

If any of you are having a boring weekend and just wants to do something quick and fun, maybe you could try making a texture for this simple Goblin model I did recently.

Download Goblin SDK (2.5mb ZIP) here!

This ZIP file contains:
  • OBJ files of the model in T-pose, and two action poses.
  • TGA image of the UV wireframe.
  • PSD document with an AO bake layer and the UV layer, set up and ready for painting!
The resolution I painted it at was 1024x1024, but I found it works fine even down to 256x256 so if you wanted to do some Q3-style skins, that might be fun :)

I might see if I can do another one myself.

Gratuitous image:

I'm looking forward to seeing at least a few textures... don't care if anyone finishes or not, just want people to have fun :)


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