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I've seen a lot of cool threads around here recently, from LitSpheres to Snow blending shaders etc...
It's a pity we wait to have proper finalized stuff to show it...
So what about a technical wip thread?
I also stumble upon tons of cools papers but i never share with anyone...

There was a similar one at but there's just too few users.. Is polycount big enough? We'll see

I've been lazy for almost a year, but we have to start with something right? SO, I dug up some stuff

Spherical lights:
Some might remember these endless talks about how point light have no accurate specular blablabla, so I came up with this simple model where lights have a defined radius. (
I recently updated this shader to generate a procedural floor reflection and to take the new model into account into the diffuse contribution, and not only specular.
Yes it is expensive as hell, but i was bored at Xmas, forgive me: lights are calculated in a loop in the pixel shader, and the process is done a second time just for the floor (even tough in a simpler manner: no normal, no spec) (yes i cheated there is precomputed occlusion/shadows)

Multilamp BRDF shader, yay!:

I've been working with unity on iPhone, which only supports 'Sphere Map' instead of regular cube. So i had to write a shader to transform cubes into this funky oldschool format:

Some of my recent work at CCP got released not so long ago:
- procedural moons (i did selfshadowing craters at first, but it's not very old cards friendly...)
- animated gaz giants with moving clouds
- planetary rings with procedural cast shadow

Let me see your stuff now


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