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10 Year Old Kid Wont Pledge to the US



  • Jeremy Lindstrom
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    Jeremy Lindstrom polycounter lvl 18
    all he had to do was stand the fuck up and not say the pledge and we wouldn't be sitting here discussing this. :D

    At 10 you do what a teacher has asked you to do, I think it's reasonable to think that the kid could have stood up but not say the pledge. When asked to stand, he refused and got sent to the principles. Big whoopdie fucking doo.

    What's next? Johnny come up to the board and work out the problem to 4x92.. NO GO JUMP OFF A BRIDGE... GAY RIGHTS RULE!!

    Teacher: Oh isn't that cute, Johnny is protesting gay rights in class by not doing what he's reasonably asked to do, I'm all for gay rights too... but that math problem isn't going to do itself.. He was a disruption to the class and deserved to go to the office. It's not a rights issue.
  • Joopson
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    Joopson quad damage
    Dekard wrote: »
    you apparently didn't read TULKAMIR'S arguments

    Edited for effect. Hypocrite.

    (In a non-namecalling kind of way, of course. THAT would be mean)

  • Jeremy Lindstrom
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    Jeremy Lindstrom polycounter lvl 18
    sweet more name calling.. :D
  • poopinmymouth
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    Joopson wrote: »
    So what, I don't stand for the pledge either. It has NOTHING to do with respect. Admittedly, at 10, you usually don't know all that much about the world, or even that you have the option to not stand. If I had known at that age that I didn't need to stand for the pledge, I wouldn't.

    "I pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America,
    And to the republic for which it stands,
    one nation, under God, indivisible,
    with Liberty and Justice for all"

    First of all, what is it? Some kind of legal contract so we have to listen to the government? We have the option to not pledge our allegiance to the country, and I always opt out of it.
    Second, Our government is most certainly not a republic anymore. It should be, but we drifted to the condemned democracy. So, what exactly does this mean?
    Third, I really think we are passed the "Under God" thing, I mean really. Atheists may be a hated group, but we need equality folks. I'm an atheist, and this doesn't offend me, it just irks me.

    And of course the Liberty and Justice for all line, which means nothing.

    The pledge is a pile of you-know-what, so he has the right to not say it; whether the teachers tells him to or not.

    They are called "Unalienable Rights"

    Sorry if none of that made sense, I am just a bit put off by Dekard's argument. Because it goes against some of the principles the USA was based on.

    Maybe thats just me

    +1 Well said. The concept of liberty and justice within the US is a joke. Highest percentage of it's population in prison in the world. 750 out of every 100,000 Americans are in prison. In Germany it's 150 per 100k, Iceland 17 per 100k. Even in China using Amnesty Internationals unnofficial highest estimate, it's "only" 650 per 100k. The US is also the only country in the world that imprisons juveniles for life without possibility of parole. 2,500 children will serve their entire life behind bars.
    oobersli wrote: »
    haha, i'm actually from missouri, so i can't be marked as a gaywad hating white prick. Ghandi and MLK never post on this forum, so i don't know if their douches. :)

    but I'm pretty sure MLK didn't fight for black rights by labeling all white people fat redneck crackers.

    poop... why so much hate? seems you always post so hateful instead of trying to find a happy medium. life is too short to be angry all the time. nothing positive comes out of going so harsh about your views... even if the opposing side throws some nasty shit, the better person usually prevails.

    but if it makes you feel better. go ahead and call me a homophobe,redneck and all that other good stuff. I'm going on vacation. :)

    Uhhhh, do you think Missouri is a bastion of educated intellectuals? I'm sure there are plenty of homophobes in your state.

    And you're right, that wasn't MLK's schtick, that was Malcolm X's, and he arguably did as much for civil rights as MLK did. In fact there has never been a study that proves conclusively that phrase "Honey catches more flies than vinegar" is true. It's mostly just a concept that oppressors use to make their lives easier. They tell the oppressed not to be so uppity because it's harshing their mellow. They will get around to granting other human being's their rights when they fee like it, but in the meantime don't be too upset or it will irritate me, the oppressor.

    Oh gee, I wonder where the hate comes from? Could it be being treated like a 2nd class citizen in the country of my birth, or watching my parents face a lack of real healthcare and retirement granted the old folks of all the other 1st world nations because America cares more about the wealth of the top .001% than the social safety nets of it's entire population? could it be that I personally find the fact that 200 people are raped every day in US prisons disgustingly nauseous, that America has the highest wealth inequality, worst education, lowest life expectancy, highest infant mortality, and horrible healthcare among the developed world?

    I mean there are plenty of reasons to hate America if you have half a clue. If you're an insulated white boy, you might not know of them, but they're there if you look.
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    Ok I'm just locking this for now as it appears to have gotten WAY off target and before it get's too out of hand I would like to clean it up.

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