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I was recently told about this forum (I don't know why I never heard of this before, all I remember Polycount from is the Quake3 character downloads back in the day :p ). Either way, glad to be here and by the looks of it I'll stick around here as it looks nice and cosy :)

I've been working on a mod together with a friend of mine for a while now and we did a media release where I took some random screenshots during Sunday's playtest. We're at a stage where we have most of the content and we have a clear final picture, we just need to finalize / tweak / polish / make it as bug free as possible and also still finish some more levels during the process :)

In fact, if there are high quality source mappers here who feel they're up for this, don't be shy... :p

Here are some of the shots I took:




There's more on our website, so if you're intrigued feel free to browse around it:
I also made some videos a while back that are still kinda up to date, they can be found here:

I'm currently going over our view weapons, making them look better as the ones we have now haven't been touched for over a year now. Here is the latest test I did today adding a normal map and phong shader on it. I'll be doing all weapon this way the coming days:


We post updates on our blog frequently for those who care to follow us more closely, but I'll keep this forum up to date as well if we have some major updates.


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