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What kind of hobbies do PCers have?



  • Rumkugel
  • Surfa
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    Surfa polycounter lvl 12
    Football (Soccer)
    Occasionally play Rugby
    Guitar (well kinda)
    Also I play a fair amount of video game (not sure if this counts)

    Oh and Bacheloring
  • Renaud Galand
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    Renaud Galand polycounter lvl 18
    Larp (Live action role playing) or just "live"
  • D4V1DC
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    D4V1DC polycounter lvl 13
    bitmap wrote: »
    i do enjoy pussy

    We have a winner!!! :poly124::poly142::poly136: This is my top hobby!

    Playing cards/poker
    Playing pool
    Reading, learning <-new things (would be a constant hobby)
    Site seeing
    Dominos (not the pizza) yuk!
    Barber (for myself, learning new techniques)
    and I like collecting old school cartoons usually from the 80's/90's almost got them all too :) I am doing that for my kids when ever I have any (or my sisters kids) cause frankly none of the toons today interest me, then again I haven't watched much T.V. in about 4 years.

    You guys have some nice hobbies I'd be interested in trying out (some day).
  • Nysuatro
    Breakdance, freestyle, movies and taking photo's
  • JasonLavoie
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    JasonLavoie polycounter lvl 12
    Well well well... scott has a les paul... so the plot thickens!

    What kind of music do you play duuudde?
  • Jason Young
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    Jason Young polycounter lvl 10
    Looks like I share quite a few hobbies. I play drums and guitar, and used to do auto-x. Still have an 02 wrx :) and I enjoy working on cars.

    I used to play roller hockey on a weekly basis, and will have my first soccer game since 8th grade tomorrow with my company's team. Looking forward to getting back into sports. I play golf but not regularly.
  • Scott_W
    Well well well... scott has a les paul... so the plot thickens!

    What kind of music do you play duuudde?

    Yuh! She's a 2001 Goldtop Standard. I dropped in a zebra 57 Classic in the neck and a Burstbucker 3 in the bridge. I can get bell tower chimes or heavy rock easily :D

    I really just dick around with random chord progressions until I find something that makes me happy, and then I play it to death until I find a new pattern. I'm a "noodler" I guess. Although lately I've been figuring out some Incubus songs for the hell of it. "Megalomaniac" is a fun song to play along to :D
  • MoP
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    MoP polycounter lvl 17
    Heh yeah, most Incubus stuff is awesome to play along to. A lot of stuff from A Crow Left Of The Murder is pretty easy, fun to play and sounds good. The title track is one I always fall back on when I don't want to think about anything complicated.

    I should probably take a photo of my main guitar (Ibanez RG548, in my avatar pic!), but the other one is:
  • MALicivs
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    MALicivs polycounter lvl 14
    bitmap wrote: »
    i do enjoy pussy when i'm not on the computer

    I bet you enjoy it more when you're on the computer. ;)

    I just twiddle my thumbs on my spare time.
  • Scott_W
    Jesus, MoP. I sometimes have trouble with a single-necked-six-stringed guitar. How in the hell would one even approach that monster!? Haha.
  • scourgewarper
    My guitar's right by my desk, excellent for 'noodling' during those long renders or waiting for your next xxx dvd to download

    ...the vin diesel franchise I mean
  • Elhrrah
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    Elhrrah polycounter lvl 8
    Dirt Biking
    Street Biking
    Making Myself Look Smart

    I've been riding dirt bikes since I was five, haven't stopped. Mainly prefer single-track and woods riding to anything involving jumps; its more fun to hit trees.
    I've been living the fractal life for almost two years now, with a gallery of it all on dA: http://elhrrah.deviantart.com/
    The street bike is recent - and currently has a dead stator - but is fun none the less.
    Also a bit newer to bicycling, only in the last two years. I've only done 300 or so miles this summer, due to dealing with a broken foot.
  • Kevin Johnstone
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    Kevin Johnstone polycounter lvl 16
    I read a lot, about 40 books ,50 graphic novels , 30 magazines per year.

    I watch a lot of movies, probably about 250 a year. It's the same passion driving this as my reading, I love stories, I love learning about how everything is connected.

    For instance, I watched the Sopranos, noted Tony bragged about how good the old James Cagney Mobster films were, so I tracked down the 20's to 30's era gangster flicks like White Heat, Public Enemies, Little Ceasar and the Roaring Twenties.

    I watched The Wonder Boys, wondered what the lad was watching when stoned at his teachers wife's parents house, because the camera lingers on his face as he agrees to the spirit of the gent talking in the B&W film on the TV at the time. It was 'The Picture of Dorian Gray', so I read the book and got the joke then and understood the point of the film more.

    Stuff like the above is basically my hobby. It's led me to different places for day trips also after reading some bit of history about a landmark thats local or far away so it gets me out of the house now and then too.

    Right now I'm tracking down all the bands I listened to unknowingly in the company of others when I was in my teens, finding out who it was I used to listen to, where they are now, what they are doing, who they were inspired by so I can try other new music thats related and I'm generally starting to study up on music, specifically the types of music that influenced me without my knowing it. It's been a lot of fun, stirs up a lot of old memories and emotions and has led to best spurt of new music I've enjoyed since 92-97.

    I have other hobbies, but my main hobby is just investigating and learning about stuff.
  • Gav
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    Gav quad damage
    Try to spend time with these, though I'm not very good:


    -Collecting alcohol and mixing drinks (like cooking..but with booze!)
    -Getting tattooed (I guess that's sort of a hobby...I dunno, it's something that occupies my time outside of work and brings me happiness :) )
    -Like Kevin, listening to music and sort of finding new music based on members of older bands that I like. Noticing some musicians, like Mike Patton or Stone Gossard open up recording studios and produce other bands...so following them can be fun as well.
    -Been trying to play more games on a pure enjoyment basis, but can't ever seem to find the time.
  • Target_Renegade
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    Target_Renegade polycounter lvl 11
    Football (playing and watching live games)
    Producing music
  • Pedro Amorim
    am i the only one who likes pussy?
  • Scott_W
    bitmap wrote: »
    am i the only one who likes pussy?

    Pussy is indeed awesome.
  • Xoliul
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    Xoliul polycounter lvl 14
    Riding my shiny black mechanical steed in my shiny black leather armor is by far my favorite pastime :D

    Aside from that:
    -Listening and experiencing music, but that's almost always while doing my other hobbies
    -writing articles, I really do enjoy spreading knowledge
    -getting achievements on Xbox360
    -spend time with friends (not much drinking, doesn't appeal to me or them)
    -cooking, been doing that more lately

    I really want to add reading non-fiction to that list soon, got a whole bunch of mechanics & physics books on my amazon wishlist for that purpose. Right now I don't really read a lot.
  • System
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    System admin
    Going to the toilet and sleeping... no actually cooking Italian food, watching horror movies, sound effects production and thinking about keeping fit but mostly all I do atm is work on my portfolio, fun fun fun :D!!
  • Smirnoffka
    Well, 3D is my hobby, though its been a long time since I've really done more than just doodle. I suppose flying is my job, but I've been getting into some out-of-work aerobatics lately, and hopefully one day hope to get my unlimited licence and try out for the red bull air race. Long way off yet. Other than that, I have my piano and golf occasionally. I do enjoy (australian) football as well, though its been a couple of years since I have actually played!

    And pussy.
  • Cacophony
    hey, so I've kinda been a ghost on here for a little while, but i saw the trend and thought I would comment...

    I play the guitar, big fucking surprise ha. But if anyone else enjoys melting their face with sweeps, or perhaps some of Europe's finest melodic funeral metal, I teach for a music shop in Pa. I've been playing for most of my life, and I'd be more than happy to send some exercises or tips...


  • foreverendering
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    foreverendering polycounter lvl 12
    Playing Basketball / Following NBA Basketball
    Playing Chess (much more casually these days)
    Playing occasional Video Games. Currently just SC2 at lunch
    Flying home and just kickin' it with the family 2-3 times a year. Always love hang out with my siblings
    Reading books when I get the chance, mostly been reduced to audio books lately for lack of time.

    Lucky for me, my wife likes almost everything I like. Even playing Starcraft, watching basketball, and she watches almost all the shows I like (Lost, Dexter, True Blood, etc)

    That's about it. I'm almost always busy. Not enough hours in the day I guess.
  • bounchfx
    Playing occasional Video Games. Currently just SC2 at lunch

    you just had to rub it in, didn't you
    beta for atvi please!?
  • flaagan
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    flaagan polycounter lvl 18
    Seems that most of the time when I'm not at work, I'm at home working on something, putting my wide skill set of construction / welding / automotive work skills to use for other people, mainly my family.

    I'm pretty boring when it comes down to it, I don't seem to have time any more to really have any hobbies. :poly116:
  • snemmy
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    snemmy polycounter lvl 15
    Collecting action figures, mostly the good ones from the Transformers movie lines and GI Joes, Team Rocket and other random stuff. I've been attempting some customizing of said Joes and Transformers but haven't gotten very far due to lack of parts.

    Writing since October of last year. I have a novel laid out (with potential sequels!) and the first third of the book plotted out in a fair amount of detail.

    Playing pen and paper RPGs: D&D 3.5 and Savage Worlds, would like to get into 4th Edition D&D though... when everyone's schedules coincide but it seems to fall through a lot. Though a different group of friends have invited me recently.

    Video games. Halo'ing with friends.

    Watching anime... though I've fallen out of that lately.. and movies... haven't felt like watching much of anything.

    And most recently I've gotten into playing Magic the Gathering with a couple of friends... but it sucks when one player(UBER power gamer) has a 250 card deck and won't trim it down and then gets pissed when he can't draw any mana and then plays cards out of spite against the winner for the rest of the night. And unfortunately the nearest official places to play are nearly an hour away.
  • Vitor
    and my most recent:

    perna, spare time is what people like me have a lot after a terrible lack of work...
  • t4paN
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    t4paN polycounter lvl 10
    Man, I can almost recall a time when I used to do stuff. Nowdays I mostly go out to get drunk (having a job [money] actually helps a lot the drinking), and occasionally remember to go to boxing practice. This is no way to live life.

    ...Actually scratch that. Sex, drugs and videogames, I'm living the dream.
  • Kevin Johnstone
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    Kevin Johnstone polycounter lvl 16
    Per: You're not old enough to be talking about the joy of getting your hole wearing off ;)

    Nor am I btw, thats how I know!
  • oXYnary
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    oXYnary polycounter lvl 17
    Radio Control Racing. 1/18th scale...



    Comic books.
  • martinszeme
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    martinszeme polycounter lvl 8
    Mostly working on 3d stuf, but I really enjoy:

    Pussy of course :D
    Football (again, the one where you actually use your foot :D) Although haven't played for some time :/
    Gaming (TF2 lately)

    Not much and nothing out of ordinary. :)
  • jec1183
    Riding Motorcycles
    Reading (David Sedaris = awesome writer)
    Video Games of course
  • [MILES]
    Drawing/Modeling/Games (of course)
    Softball (League & Tourney play)
    Exercise (Lifting/Running/Biking)
    Saltwater Fishing
    Hunting (Usually with a camera)
    Bible Study
    Camping/Backpacking (B.S.A.)
    Alto Sax
    Spending time with my family
    Growing my family ;)
  • AshleyTayles
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    AshleyTayles polycounter lvl 9

  • JasonLavoie
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    JasonLavoie polycounter lvl 12
    Speaking of incubus, I just saw them not too long ago... blew me away, dudes can still rock just as hard even if their newer stuff isn't as solid (in my opinion).

    I'm finding out a lot of polycounters have some sick taste in music, makes me happy happy :)
  • Jesse Moody
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    Jesse Moody polycounter lvl 16
    Hobbies ey?

    • Family
    • sculpting
    • collecting action figures, gentle giant statues and busts, sideshow collectibles, master replicas, etc
    • madden on the 360 among other games
    • looking for work
    • wrestling with my son
    • telling my wife how it is
    • sleeping on the couch
  • t4paN
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    t4paN polycounter lvl 10
    Jesse, are you teaching him real wrestling (as in greco/freestyle) or just putting him in headlocks and stuff? If it's the former you should consider teaching him jujitsu, and then have him train in Muay Thai, and then when he grows up he can be the first uber geek MMA fighter. That would be so awesome. That's what I'm gonna do with my son when I have one.
  • Psyk0
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    Psyk0 polycounter lvl 16
    -Playing ambient guitar
    -I used to collect old vinyls for sampling
    -Cycling / Cross country biking in fall season
    -3D / 2D
    -Watching weird movies
    -Hang out with my 1 yr old niece
    -Counting the number of douchebags i spot on my way to work
  • JohnnyRaptor
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    JohnnyRaptor polycounter lvl 14
    My hobbies include

    Drinking booze
    Courting women
    More Drinking
    Drinking even more,
    Making Movies
    Learning Guitar
  • Elhrrah
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    Elhrrah polycounter lvl 8
    Vitor wrote: »
    and my most recent:

    perna, spare time is what people like me have a lot after a terrible lack of work...

    Someone who can actually spell KTM; it is a shame that it isn't the kind with the engine. I seem to be horribly alone in my love of riding dirt. Just hit the trails this weekend to find them recently groomed; perfect.
  • 2cool4school
    So many hobbies:

    getting drunk
    going to clubs
    going to gym (not for much longer going to start rock climbing)
    VJing (and creating visual content for it)
    video games
    producing electronic music (rarely now, takes waaaay too much time)
    going on internet forums for my hobbies

    tooooo much. Need to prioritise.
  • JR
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    JR polycounter lvl 15
    Running it's my favorite hobby. Currently I'm entering on various 10k, 10 miles and half marathons (21km). Next year I intent to start running actual marathons (42km). This is me on last Rio de Janeiro's half marathon. it was wonderful.



    My other hobbies are to watch movies with my girlfriend, and play old school arcade games (Moon patrol, Galaga, Mr Do and so on).
  • fearian
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    fearian Polycount Sponsor
    lefix wrote: »
    ultimate frisbee
    warriah wrote: »
    ultimate frisbee hands down

    Ultimate bro's!

    Usually I would say goin out with mates, but this year I've been swamped with uni work. I'm actually riting this tipsy, having come home from the pub early to write up uni research :poly127:

    But I gotta make time for ultimate frisbee! our uni team is very new, we've been playing in alot of beginner tournaments this year and its amazing seeing how far everyone's got! I still get yelled at for not forcing on side properly though :poly122:
  • Kewop Decam
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    Kewop Decam polycounter lvl 9
    Hobbies ey?

    • Family
    • sculpting
    • collecting action figures, gentle giant statues and busts, sideshow collectibles, master replicas, etc
    • madden on the 360 among other games
    • looking for work
    • wrestling with my son
    • telling my wife how it is
    • sleeping on the couch
    I challenge you to some Madden... NOW!

    I actually work on Madden also.

    My free time is spent working out, art stuff, chasing girls, typical stuff. I would fight crime in my spare time but apparently being a vigilante is against the law or some silly shit like that.
  • maze
    ....mmm besides doing 3d and drawing, I like outdoor sports, and try to do them whenever I can, such as rock climb, surf or snowboard and wanting to learn kite snowboard this winter... besides that I like jammin guitar (better on a fireplace!) with some friends or play the accordion, haha. Also I try travelling around and making new friends when possible.

    hoping to form a roots reggae band someday...... and trip around.
  • Firebert
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    Firebert polycounter lvl 14
    free time is a myth!
  • Justin Meisse
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    Justin Meisse polycounter lvl 17
    I like to build crazy shit and generally make stuff but my hobby has been hampered by living in tiny apartments :(

    I was on a big beer brewing kick and recently I've been trying to make a nice cigar box guitar (I'm on failed prototype number 2). I also have a box full of speak and spells under my bed that I have to get around to circuit bending.
  • RyRyB
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    RyRyB polycounter lvl 17
    - Diaper changing
    - Bottle making/heating
    - Drool wiping
    - Baby talking

    Oh yeah, occasinally I play video games...maybe. Actually, I do a lot of cast studies/master copies while waiting for textures to burn or lighting to render while at work. It's a nice break away from the monitor towards something more tactile. Besides taking 2 days to finish what should be a 3-4 hour study, it's quite relaxing to do during the day.
  • Rurouni Strife
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    Rurouni Strife polycounter lvl 10
    Hobbies? Gym. Right after work, and even when I was working on my portfolio (and even art tests!) I was at the Gym 3-4 days a week. Now it's up to 5 if I can. I love lifting. I run as well, but that's more of a when I feel like it thing.

    Out side of that, drink occasionally, drawing (haven't in a while), and games. Movies I've always wanted to get into but lack of money kept it to like 3-4 a year. I use to read a lot too and I need to start doing that again...but hey. I have a lot of games to catch up on! Oh yea, snowboarding looks like it's in line to be my next hobby. Sooo much fun.
  • XenoKratios
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    XenoKratios polycounter lvl 12

    Is this a new african breed, never heard of it.


    I used to bmx and do 1000 other things, now... I wake up, pc computer, maybe eat, j off, sleep.

    Sometimes I just take the day off to j off.
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