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What kind of hobbies do PCers have?

polycounter lvl 10
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sir-knight polycounter lvl 10
Spawning from the cooking thread and the how many hours/week gaming you do...

What do poly counters do in their spare time, if not drawing/3ding or playing games?

Drawing is a given among us I guess, so no need to list that you draw a lot :P but what about other media, sculpture, real painting etc.

What kind of productive hobbies do you have?

I auto cross, which is grass roots motor racing in my 2007 subaru impreza

I used to write short stories and novelish kind of prose, now I'm into scriptwriting.

I'm learning japanese.

Recently I've been doing a lot of baking experimentation.

I'm into archery.

I've been involved with kung fu training for about 8 years.


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