TF2 and TOON realtime viewport shader (3ds max)

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(ok I´m creating a separate therad to make it easier to find the thread and to keep stuff together)

while I´m working on some custom models for tf2 i thought it would be faster to see the tf2-shader already in the max viewport..
this shader is more like a fake of the original tf2 shader but it´s already helping to get an idea what's going on

grab it if you want

thx again to Lumonix for shaderFX.. a very helpfull tool

(tested with max8 and max 2008 )

Team Fortress 2 shader v0.32

This shader is based on the real tf2-shader math.
That does not mean it's exactly the same but the visual result gets very close.

The Update to v0.32 brings you
- vertex color support and
- a fixed bug in the ramp shading

You can find the Download page - HERE -

+ picture of material rollout


Toon / Comic Shader v0.60

changes since v0.58
- completely reworked the code by hand going away from shaderFX. So I can clean up the code and I have more control over it.
- improved the sss-fake
- improved the rim lighting, it's now softer and easier to handle
- added cubemap blurring per value or per gloss map and masking through specular map
- you need a max version capable of displaying realtime hard shadows in the viewport (max 2009 or 2010, not sure)
- opacity can be read from diffuse color value
- allows up to 2 shadow casting lights

changes since v0.57
- fixed normal depth setting
- changed and fixed rimlight calculation. It's now working more the common way. You can offset the rimlight light source a bit (maybe have to increase the range) and exclude the normalmap from the rimlight calculation
- also added a simple sss fake. Have to get deeper into this but for the beginning it does a good job in fighting against black-skin-shadows

changes since v0.56
- zbrush material technique

changes since v0.55

- fixed colored specular map turned monochrome
- re arranged UI

changes since v0.53

- LitSphere support
- all major texture slots can be disabled/enabled
- normalmap red and green channel can be inverted
- added technique for 1 light/pass support - choose this if you're using the shader with the default scene light
- rim light can be calculated from normalmap or surface normals
- diffuse to ambient "leaking" can be influenced
- global opacity can be changed

changes since v0.51

- changed from shader model 2.0 to 3.0
- better rim light handling
- better ramp shading handling
- modify the nm blue channel
- some minor bugfixing

You can find the Download page - HERE -

+ picture of material rollout ( v0.58 )




the RampTextures

And here are some ramp textures for you to use DOWNLOAD

TF2 example:


the LitSpheres

Example LitSpheres DOWNLOAD

Example 4:



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