Game Art Workshop - Main thread, UPDATES, give it a read guys

Bi-Monthly Game Art Workshop

Alright guys, you asked for it and here it is.

The purpose of this workshop is to learn and share ideas, workflow, process etc. The rules are quite simple:

1. Everyone will be required to model the same topic, based on 1 or more reference images, rules and specification will be specific to each workshop.
2. We have a topic suggestion thread for people to post ideas, but one of the moderators will make the final choice. We will try our best to provide a variety of topics that cover a wide range of different asset creation principals.
3. You MUST post wip images and for each update, how often you wish to post them is up to you. The more wips you show, the better it is for everyone.
4. Its is highly encouraged to post .objs, but not mandatory.
5. Posting Videos/Gifs/Mini-tutorials is highly encouraged, but not required.
6. You will need create a thread in the workshop sub-forum of Contests and Challenges. The format for creating your thread should be:

Workshop #1 - Username

7. Please do not post until you have atleast 1 wip to show. "Saving my space" threads are unnecessary and just clutter up the boards.

If you have any general questions/comments/suggestions, please post them in this thread.
If you have any suggestions for topics, please post them here: Suggestion Thread
If you any general questions/comments/suggestions on a specific workshop, please post them in the main thread for said workshop.
If you need hosting help, i would suggest looking into dropbox. Its free and has a great and easy interface for uploading and sharing files.
If you're interested in recording video, check out this great tutorial here:

Schedule of Events

#1, 06/08 - 06-29 Eotech, Highpoly focus.
#2, 06/29 - 07/29 Small Prop(TBD), focus on high, low, uvs, bake.
#3, 08/10 - 09/09 Melee weapon, focus on complete asset, with artist freedom on subject.


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