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Where do you get your inspiration / motivation?

polycounter lvl 8
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Seaseme polycounter lvl 8
Hey guys,

I've been in a slum lately, really trying to work. I just can't seem to get into it. It made me curious how other artists deal with motivation / inspiration issues. So, what's your secret to stay productive and motivated?

P.S. I don't mean to spam, I know you guys can be pretty harsh sometimes on silly posts. So if this offends anyone I apologize in advance.

*edit* could a mod please move this to the correct forum? thanks.


  • Microneezia
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    Microneezia polycounter lvl 10
    I was originally inspired to make art through 2d animated cartoons on saturday morning. So typically Ill search out interviews with those guys - the old nine ect - or BIOs... or the actual cartoons. I suggest finding the place or situation that originally inspired you in an artistic way, then go there and wallow in it. Then get drunk, then get in a fight...

    or go wash the dishes, do something that lets your mind wander. Actually Buckmaster fuller - i think is his name, great inventor anyway would go to sleep with a large steel ball in his hand held over a metal spitoon, then when in a lucid state he could still hold the ball, however when he went to sleep -- BANG -- back up, then jott down all his notes from the lucid state... letting your mind go in different directions will inspire ideas.

    Reading a bio of someones life in the area you want to work in can be really inspirational actually.
  • Seaseme
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    Seaseme polycounter lvl 8
    That's a good idea. Very interesting about the lucid dreaming. I remember a few years ago I tried to teach myself to have lucid dreams. The way I did it was inspired by the movie "The Waking Life". It worked a few times, it's such a weird experience. I had another one last week for the first time in years..

    Thanks for the advice.
  • Tumerboy
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    Tumerboy polycounter lvl 14
  • achmedthesnake
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    achmedthesnake polycounter lvl 11
    from all the god-like talent here at polycount and other forums - all inspires me to be like you guys - minus the troll/flame/penis attributes :)

    ..eh - i mean the obsession with penii - i still aim to exist with my own
  • monkeyboy_garth
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    monkeyboy_garth polycounter lvl 9
    Wait one more day for the Dominance War to begin. If that doesn't inspire/motivate you, give up! :)

    btw Maybe this should be in general discussion...?
  • Seaseme
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    Seaseme polycounter lvl 8
    Yeah monkeyboy, I just saw that! I can't wait to see that badassery this year.

    I realized after I posted that this was the wrong forum..
  • PixelMasher
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    PixelMasher veteran polycounter
    hmmm for me its playing games with dope art. stuff like god of war, gears, killzone 2 or most recently RE 5 make me wanna drop the controller and go make something awesome.

    also, films with a great visuals get me going too, maybe not as much as games but i dunno if there is an env artist out there who wouldnt be inspired by something like black hawk down or pans labyrinth.

    also looking at cool photos people have taken on sites like Opacity.us or even just flickr can serve as some great inspiration. and ofcourse the amazing 2d concepts from some of the dawgs over at conceptart.org serve as a steady stream of bonerlicious eye candy.
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