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sky domes from vue 7

polycounter lvl 14
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kite212 polycounter lvl 14
i was wondering if anyone has used vue 7 to render out a skydome, got a class project due soon, and i was reading about it and figured i would get the best results form this in a short amount of time, any advice is much appreciated :)


  • fade1
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    fade1 polycounter lvl 14
    i tried this with vue 6. it's easy and there are already presets plus tons of stuff on the www. the rendering times are of course quite high for high quality and you always have to keep in mind that it will always have that "vue" cg touch. especially clouds can't keep up with true photo domes. maybe they improved features in vue 7. but overall the results are not that bad and i would give it a try. you should be able to render your first dome within an hour.
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