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Suppose I'd better get crackin'!

original concept:



After siphoning the earth dry of all precious resources, man spread like a virus into the outer reaches of space in search of fresh, viable worlds to colonize. The survival of mankind depended on these pioneers to establish an initial installation on the newly discovered worlds and send transmissions back with details of the planets composition and its ability to sustain human life.

left alone to govern themselves, some colonies flourished while others fell into chaos. On this planet, various factions have formed each with their own ideals and beliefs. One such tribe has developed a way to extract and process a potent form of ore from deep below the surface of the planet. They have set up ramshackle installations that mercilessly gouging deeper, extracting the planets lifeblood like a parasite. blocking all communications to and from the planet, they ruthlessly slaughter all who oppose them.

once a lush paradise, areas surrounding these extraction sites are steadily being sapped of all life and becoming a crumbling barren wasteland. The immense pollution created form the burning spires as they crush and superheat the ore to a molten liquid form has began to taint the atmosphere and cause an ecological shift. while in the initial stages of degradation, the planet will quickly be consumed by the extraction of this new resource and the conflict surrounding it.

The look and feel I am going for is a mix between the settlements seen in Aliens and Mad Max/Waterworld, with maybe some hints of Rage tossed in for good measure. I plan on sticking with the established color pallete from the concept, using red to splash about the aggressive/warlike nature of the faction. the overall plan is to have the main refinery in the center with extraction spires attached with walkways coming out from it. the facility will be walled off and up against a surrounding rock face. I plan on making a little bit of the area in front of the gate kinda lush with it rapidly deteriorating as it approaches the facility to a more craggy rock look, really pushing that the planet is literally being sucked dry , with the more disastrous results in the immediate surrounding area.

**so the backstory is a little cliche, but meh its mostly just for fun. also, after reading it, it sounds like some crazy ass environmental message or something, but thats not really the attempt at all hahha, just what the concept brought to mind. plus. sucking a planet dry by stealing its very essence and murdering all who get in your way is pretty evil i think, "yea take it planet...who's the bitch now" *lights up a cigarette*
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