Giger's Landscape XIX

Hey everyone,

This is something I started recently, a model of H.R. Giger's painting, Landscape XIX.
I am going to bring it into mudbox and sculpt in the worn areas on the metal as well as add details to the skull and what not, then render normals and all that good stuff. Critiques and comments appreciated.




H.R. Giger's painting:


  • demoncage
    i love that painting. seems you would need alot of poly density on the metal to get that subtle decay, might try the nvidia normal map filter instead, just my $.02. you've captured the proportions/details well so far. looking forward to progress...:)
  • Reich
    Looking good!

    I agree thought that some of the wear on the metal might be a little much trying to sculpt. I'd try to hit up any major dents and other things that actually change the silhouette slightly. For the rest id try the PS thing or Crazy Bump and just add in that little extra noise by Overlaying it.

    Geometry is clean, edges look good.

    Are you going to pain your own texture as well or just try to use as much of the real paining for it? I'd hope it's the first one =P
  • Wilex
    Nice modeling. Good luck with the Zbrush. I don't think i could stick with the original colors on this piece. I think it has a lot of potential for more color than what giger originaly painted but if you want to stick with it thats cool.
  • Stubbs
    Hey, thanks for the feedback.

    Yeah you're right, crazy bump would be a good choice for the worn areas on the metal. I still would like to add detail to the skull in mudbox, and perhaps add a little bit more detail to the surface of the skull than he did in the painting. Maybe make it a bit more roughed up and cracked.

    As far as the metal texture, I'll be creating my own rather than taking parts of the painting. I don't know if my painting skills could match up to Giger's though, ha. I would still like to keep the texture pretty "giger-ish" as far as the color and mood go, but I will also probably add my own twist as well, so it probably won't look exact.

    I'm fnishing up the unwrap on the lowpoly, it's around 5870 tris right now. I may continue optimizing a bit more, but considering the nature of the design and the painting, a bit of intricacy in the low poly model seems unavoidable. Comments appreciated.

  • Reich
    Looking good.
    And yea agreed on the Mudbox stuff. Id hit up the big dents and rusted parts.
  • Stubbs

    All the maps are still very much WIP. I started working on the diffuse yesterday and still have yet to add in the worn areas and dents and stuff in the metal. I'm saving the skull for last because I want to take care of the rest of it first and not have to depend on the skull for coolness. Rendering and especially cleaning up the normal map and UVs thus far has been pretty time consuming, but it's getting wrapped up.

    I was looking at Giger's painting of this in a book the other day and noticed that the original version is much more desaturated than the image of the painting I posted above. The metal is really more of a darkish gray than anything, so I'm probably going to gear the diffuse more towards that.

    This is the low poly version with the normals thus far, 1024x1024 map. Thanks for feedback.


  • stimpack
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    stimpack polycounter lvl 10
    i think it looks really good.
  • odium
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    odium polycounter lvl 11
    The only thing not really selling it for me is the pipes, they arnt hollow, and you can reall :(
  • TWilson
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    TWilson polycounter lvl 12
    Cool mang. Giger lives on.

    Good work so far.
  • Stubbs
    Thanks everyone.
    odium wrote: »
    The only thing not really selling it for me is the pipes, they arnt hollow, and you can reall :(

    This could very well be an issue that should be fixed, but could you elaborate on this a bit more? I'm not quite sure what you are referring to. Are you talking about the pipes on the back wall?
  • odium
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    odium polycounter lvl 11
    Pipes at the top, 3 on the left, 3 on the right. Should be hollow, but instead have a flat surface?
  • Stubbs
    Yeah I see what you mean now. I was hoping the normal would make it look hollow but it's not really looking that way as much as I wanted. I will probably add a little more geometry to the low-poly pipes to make it more hollow-looking. The low poly model is already a little over budget for my tastes though, so I'll probably optimize some other areas to make up for the addition to the pipes.

    Thanks for your imput.
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