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StrangeFate polycounter lvl 16
Spent some time doing new renders for some of the hipoly Dark Sector models, some of which you might have already seen.
I also did almost half of the world textures in the game and a large portion of environment meshes and scenes.

After 8 years... it's done!. I'm tempted to post some of the old 256x256 textures and stuff from back when it was an MMO to have a nice timeline going...












  • Sean McBride
    beautiful! how much time did they give you on a prop such as the one at the very top?
  • Xenobond
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    Xenobond polycounter lvl 13
    Now THAT'S Roman, son!
  • MartinH
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    MartinH polycounter lvl 8
    DAMN, second. damn again, third!

    You know you're good, so i'll just leave it at that =D

    rock on, and bake more cookies!
  • notman
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    notman polycounter lvl 16
    You know, threads should warn you before they blow your mind.... awesome details and work there.
  • cochtl
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    cochtl polycounter lvl 15
    [ QUOTE ]
    Spent some time doing new renders for some of the hipoly Dark Sector models, some of which you might have already seen.
    I also did almost half of the world textures in the game and a large portion of environment meshes and scenes.

    After 8 years... it's done!. I'm tempted to post some of the old 256x256 textures and stuff from back when it was an MMO to have a nice timeline going...

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Please do. Actually, post some art from every year to see the game's progression. It would be a wonder to see what it started out as to what it has now become. And awesome work btw wink.gif
  • JordanW
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    JordanW sublime tool
    pretty smile.gif I like the spaceship work.
  • rooster
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    rooster mod
    lovely stuff! and nice engine too by the looks of it..
  • vahl
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    vahl polycounter lvl 14
    cool stuff dude, although I think the ingame shot's lighting isn't doing your models/textures justice, post some more stuff dude, your buildings and unique pieces are awesome too.

    good job spaniard, don't let your head inflate too much though.
    and you better bake me some cookies when I'll come visit you laugh.gif.
  • Michael Knubben
    For the amount of work you put into the highpoly models (especially since you sub-d model so much of it), I don't think the ingame came out very well. It works, but I'm sure it could've worked just as well with less time and effort. Although I also gather you're quite comfortable and effecient with sub-d modeling, so don't take this to mean 'sculpt more'. I think the textures and lighting could use a lot of work to bring out the detail and quality of the source models.
  • vahl
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    vahl polycounter lvl 14
    iirc, the statue ingame render is just the diffuse and ambocc, no spec or normal or lighting there, the ingame model itself looks much better than that and looks more detailed too.
  • EarthQuake
    Yeah that definitely dosent look like it was rendered with all the maps, so show the final result!
  • StrangeFate
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    StrangeFate polycounter lvl 16
    Hey all... ill try to dig up some old screens and stuff from the old days... should be funny.

    The statue is only showing the selfilluminated colormap yes, no normalmap or lighting there. I'll see if i can dig up a decent screenshot... the only one i have is from when the engine still used stencil shadows and things generally rendered horribly (the statue is old).

    Sean - that prop took about a week i think, with the lowpoly version and skin. I already had the lion and gargoyle faces plus some of the small details done so...

    ...and i shall bake more cookies indeed, it was kinda fun.
  • commander_keen
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    commander_keen greentooth
    Thats some insane modeling man. How much is sculpted?
  • kary
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    kary polycounter lvl 15
    Very nice stuff, look forward to seeing more shots smile.gif
  • Keg
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    Keg polycounter lvl 12
    Quality work as usual StrangeFate
  • MoP
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    MoP polycounter lvl 16
    Really cool stuff Strangefate, very clean and detailed highpoly stuff, and the textures look great too. Awesome work!

    The only one I think is a bit weird is the texture for the woman statue, with the large dark section in the middle, doesn't seem natural or make much sense to me, but what do I know smile.gif
  • Ged
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    Ged interpolator

    are those horses smoking cigars he he (I know its fountain...but still :P)
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    SHEPEIRO polycounter lvl 13
    very nice art, but agree that the engine doesnt show it of to its true potential, one thing i noticed is a lack of colour in the shadow renders, like its rendered with a white ambient or similar, if the shadows in the render had more colour to them it would have more zing.

    also that floor is either suffering some nasty mipmapp-ing issue (engine)

    i dont want to nit pick though, blame that beer/crunch mix
  • Pedro Amorim
    oh man! thats some awesome modeling right! modo ftw, aint' that right strangeafte?
    Is everything subd's? or is there some parts that are straight poly work?
    would love to see some more shots with pre subd mesh, and aother pics you think you shouyld should regarding tecniques.
    Once again. awesome work man.
  • StrangeFate
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    StrangeFate polycounter lvl 16
    No worries. The lighting isnt setup, the screenshots were taken from my testscene, where stuff goes as i work on it.
    I can affect the colors of the shadows (which are always very stark in the engine either way) by changing the ambient color, but it also tints the whole scene quite drastically and makes it impossible to work on the textures/materials...

    The mip mapping issue is from working with the specs and settings the final game will have, basically what you see there is what you get, no fake hires stuff smile.gif (even tho it sure would be better for pimping stuff).

    Mop - I just thought it looked more unique and rich than bland stone smile.gif

    Commander - The horses are the only sculpted thing.
  • StrangeFate
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    StrangeFate polycounter lvl 16
    bitmap - The spaceships are straight polys, the rest SubD.

    And now... DarkSector the MMO!

    I got some stuff together from 8 years ago!
    A small selection of the hundreds of textures i did for it, and a ingame screenshot... i didnt do the geometry, it just happens to use all my textures.
    I still have tons more stuff, but its not mine and not for me to post smile.gif


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    SHEPEIRO polycounter lvl 13
    the engine needs some anistropic filtering then,

    on the shadow side have you tried altering the main light colour to compensate for the colour tint in the ambient. (ie if you have a blue ambient add the same amount of red and green to the directional, or remove the same amount of blue from the directional leaving no tint in the lit parts but saturated shadows)

    obviously doesnt always work very much depends on the intracasys (SP) of the engine/rendering tech

    nice drawn 256s
  • vahl
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    vahl polycounter lvl 14
    the engine has aniso filtering, but this shot I think was taken after the console optimization state which means the mipmaps were forced (you had to alter the config to show them at full rez, but your memory would then be overflown and your PC would die slowly in a painful and long agony).

    as for the shadow, I believe that is from his testcube scene, thus no ambient lighting, we could easily color shadows with post processing and ambient light aswell as backlighting (as shown in the game and in some of the awesome shot Mario still has under the sleeves.
  • Joshua Stubbles
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    Joshua Stubbles polycounter lvl 16
    Awesome work, Strange. The highres modeling is unbelievably good. I'd have to agree with vahl's first post though - the in game lighting doesn't do your work justice. In fact, it makes it look worse than it actually does. It's very drab, sharp lighting frown.gif
  • Marine
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    Marine polycounter lvl 16
    space boomerang laugh.gif
  • RazorBladder
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    RazorBladder polycounter lvl 13
    I really digged the sci-fi stage of DarkSector, the work you pumped out for it was really impressive to me.
    Get some high quality in-engine renders!
  • Joao Sapiro
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    Joao Sapiro polycounter
    love those highpolys. Strangefate , you are crazy !
  • StrangeFate
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    StrangeFate polycounter lvl 16
    Thanks all smile.gif

    There's a few nice things we can do with the lighting and shadows, but it's all too much work to change everytime i work on a prop or scene... at the end, the lighting would be changed again to match the other scenes anyway.

    As for my screenshots, they're simple editor screengrabs, often with post effects off as i work on the models/scenes and textures at the same time as i go.

    If i ever have time, i'll setup somethinig properly, I've been waiting to create a nice scene with only my work anyway, i just don't have that much time for myself these days...
  • Joshua Stubbles
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    Joshua Stubbles polycounter lvl 16
    The first fountain and Prague clock are my favorite pieces by far. Very technically precise - the flowing curves on the fountain are just amazing.
  • Mongrelman
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    Mongrelman polycounter lvl 13
    Great renders of great models, the equation is complete.
  • IronHawk
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    IronHawk polycounter lvl 10
    Awesome stuff SF. Your site has been a great resource for me when working on mechanical sub d stuff.
  • TWilson
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    TWilson polycounter lvl 13
    Wow you're a mad man StrangeFate.

    Very detailed stuff. Nice job!
  • Sa74n
    those spaceships are AAA

    very nice!
  • BoBo_the_seal
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    BoBo_the_seal polycounter lvl 15
    Beautiful work! Love it all

    - BoBo
  • pliang
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    pliang polycounter lvl 13
  • MLinderholm
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    MLinderholm polycounter lvl 12
  • Piotr Słomowicz
    These look awesome. That sure requires some patience, to model all that. Wish I had the will power to do hard surface modeling.
  • cman2k
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    cman2k polycounter lvl 15
    Incredible high-poly modeling. I really need to keep practicing a high-poly workflow and using SubD's. Really Inspirational work man, thanks for sharing.
  • Sage
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    Sage polycounter lvl 16
    Dude you rock. I love those textures.

  • Razorb
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    Razorb polycounter lvl 12
    yea.... im a wanabee environment artist.. and seein work like this really really inspires ! makes me wanna push myself even more... thank you !
  • ryanH
    Great work! The detail is amazing.
  • Kevin Johnstone
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    Kevin Johnstone polycounter lvl 15
    Beautiful work Mario, no crits from me.

    Have you ever considered how odd it is that artists like yourself who started off with a hyper
    dirty texturing style develop a super clean modelling style ? :)

    Not that it matters, still some damn fine work.

  • Blaizer
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    Blaizer greentooth
    One word, Great! :D
  • Ajax
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    Ajax polycounter lvl 16
    The sub-d modeling looks awesome man, the in-game tech doesn't do it justice (but still looks pretty sharp). The use of detail really makes it feel solid.
  • Sith Happens.
    Your sub d meshes are beautiful, you got many tough angles with great proportional detail meeting with round smooth areas. Just awesome modeling. =]
  • StrangeFate
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    StrangeFate polycounter lvl 16

    Hmm interesting thought Kevin... I know I'm still always trying to keep myself from going to dirty on my textures :p

    I'd guess the cleanliness comes from texturing. I always kept and keep my PSD's layered, always assuming i might have to go back to them and change something, or that i'll want to reuse some layers or details somewhere else.
    Same with models, I break them down in manageable and reusable parts and keep them clean so i can easily go back and change things, or cut out details and reuse them somewhere else.
    And i guess the telling myself constantly to keep textures cleaner also adds to wanting to see cleaner results everywhere :p

    While the hipolys might seem like a ton of work at first, I always make sure the time isn't wasted. I kinda have the advantage here to work on things as I see fit, if I decide to spend time on something, I'll make sure to reuse it, or parts of it as much as I can. You can probably tell that the female base model has been reused here and there.

    The balcony support piece with the head uses the big leaf from the big clock (at the bottom right over the window with the arch, small detail there). The gargoyle heads (which are inspired on some photos Kevin game back in the day when we shared stuff :) are reused in as many places as possible, as parts of bigger meshes or standalone heads on Buildings.

    Some details in the first model are taken from other simplier meshes i haven't posted, same with the spaceship stuff. The Leafy spiraling feet of the fist model were used by another modeler here to do a street lamp, so ...even tho I don't use floating parts (unless im doing a wall or something simple and quick) I still reuse a lot.

    The more work you get done, the less time you spend on newer pieces and the more detailed they can be as you have a nice amount of ornaments etc that are easy to bend and reuse as needed... since they're clean :p

    Thanks for all the nice comments :)
  • DInusty
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    DInusty polycounter lvl 13
    hey i got a question, is this max renders? and what type of lighting setup do u have for your highpoly work? it really makes it shine since its just a single color
  • BrodyB

    I recognize your stuff from the Luxology gallery, and they blow me the fuck away. Especially the space ships, freaking amazing dude.
  • dtschultz
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    dtschultz polycounter lvl 12
    Yeah, these pieces are beautiful. I really like how you made the scrolled and leafy elements on the pedestal-like object. How much of that is modeled and how much is sculpted? If it's modeled, can I see a wireframe of the scrolled leafy area, by any chance? If you have the time, I would love to see it. THanks!
  • jeramy79
    That is so ridiculously beautiful!
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