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Connect shortcut key Max 9

polycounter lvl 15
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BoBo_the_seal polycounter lvl 15
I want to say that I was able to assign "connect" as a shortcut key in max 6.5 and it work for vertex, edge, and poly mode (Note: it might have been a meshtools function). In Max 9 I can't seam to assign one shortcut for functionality with all three modes. Any ideas? This is driving me nuts.

- BoBo


  • JordanW
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    JordanW polycounter lvl 18
    this discouraged me as well when i was setting up hot keys, is there anyway to get the current sub object state through max script? if so you could set up an if else statement to check the sub obj mode then use the appropriate connect.
  • MoP
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    MoP polycounter lvl 17
    Hmm, works fine in Max8, wonder why they broke it in Max 9 ... Tinman is right though, it's pretty easy to write a script to check which subobject mode you're in and perform the correct action for each one.
  • StefanH
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    StefanH polycounter lvl 12
    hmm that's too bad. I've always used different shortcuts for vertex and edge mode though. What's the function of connect in poly mode? I can't find it in the toolbar.
  • gavku
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    gavku polycounter lvl 16
    I have no idea what is up with this....its works for me fine at work...but not at home ....:(
  • Squirmy
    you gotta set your shortcuts the same for edit poly and editable poly.

    customize IU/group dropdown/edit poly


    customize IU/group dropdown/editable poly object

    pain in the ass but then your shorcuts work for modifiers and collapsed ojects
  • BoBo_the_seal
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    BoBo_the_seal polycounter lvl 15

    Thanks that did it

    - BoBo
  • Jesse Moody
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    Jesse Moody polycounter lvl 15
    ok this is strange...my W E R don't do anything in UVW edit.
    I checked to make sure the hotkeys were assigned.
    Checked to see if they were enabled.
    I even reset to default and they still didn't work. What the hell. I can't get stitch to work, and the other keys in uvw edit and can't get my connect tool to work across the board.

    I'm using max 9 64 bit... Stupid Autodesk and stupid me for using the 64 bit version. It is a tad bit faster though. Argh...anyone else run into this?
  • CodeFather
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    CodeFather polycounter lvl 15
    I have a question concerning shortcuts, too - Is it posible to switch different shortcut layouts with a click of a button ? For instance, the first layout will contain all the editible poly functions , while the second one will be for polyboost commands, and the switch is as easy as tabbing CTRL + L
  • Jesse Moody
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    Jesse Moody polycounter lvl 15
    hmmm never thought of that one CodeFather...that could be quite handy though.

    And as for my 64 bit problems. I think it may come from chuggnuts uv tools in the 64 bit. I fired up 32 bit and the functions work fine. UVW that is...not sure about the connect stuff.

    Probably just some thing with the 64 bit programming.
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