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Polycount Ranks

(Moderator Note: if your rank is missing, solution is here: http://polycount.com/discussion/171709/polycount-ranks-enabled/p1)

I just noticed that I've now apparently achieved the rank of Spline, lol. Being the first time I really looked at my rank, I checked the faq to see what the ranks were.

0 null
25 vertex
50 line
100 spline
250 triangle
500 polygon
750 polycounter
1300 dedicated polycounter
1900 card carrying polycounter
2500 veteran polycounter
5000 insane polycounter
6000 Counter of Polys
7000 polycounter, lvl. 13
8000 I love typing
8010 polycounter, lvl. 15
9000 Grand Marshall Polycounter
10000 Mop

I see Mop there, wondering what if it was a cg term I didn't know of, or if it was just for MoP the person here on the forums.I searched on acronymfinder.com, and my search yielded some funny results

-Manual of the Planes (roleplaying games, Dungeons & Dragons)

- Member of Parliament
- Method of Payment
- Most Outstanding Player
- Master of Puppets (Metallica)
- Meta Object Protocol
- Microwave Observing Project
- Meter Operator (UK utility meters)
- Millionaires on Paper
- Magnetic Orange Pipe
- Mission Optimization Program

Microwave Observation Project, who would have thought that was said enough to merit being made into an acronym? (acronymized = new word of the day)

After all the effort of looking it up, I'll guess Master of Polycount.


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