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dark lighting in viewport w/normal?

polycounter lvl 18
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fritz polycounter lvl 18
ola!!! fritz presents his 1,520 question of the day!!!! can someone tell me why the viewport is displaying my object w/normal test so dark? and the render comes out normal(no pun intended? this is just a texture test...so no jokes please. haha.




  • MoP
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    MoP polycounter lvl 18
    I believe that's just Max sucking noisily at real-time normal-map display.

    What shader are you using? Normal Bump? I've had problems with that in viewport too, not reacting properly to lights. I never found a fix for it.

    I believe Max8 does a lot better in this respect.

    You could also try Ben Cloward's normal map DX9 shader, but that's only a viewport preview, so you can't render it.
  • fritz
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    fritz polycounter lvl 18
    MoP...i could see you comin' round the corner. yes, i am using normal bump. AND i am using max 7. so...i guess i'm not doing anything wrong...which is good to know.

  • J.I. Styles
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    J.I. Styles polycounter lvl 18
    to eliminate a few obvious ones:
    -make sure you use perspective view
    -are you using the viewport directx preview (the pink checker box)?
  • Noren
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    Noren polycounter lvl 19
    I assume you did try to move around the light ?
    In order to see if the normal map is interpreted right. (tangent vs object, x/y or whatever channel flipped etc. )
    Depending on the viewportshader you are using it may be reading normalmaps different from the rendered shader.
    Also you have to set a bitmap for the diffuse in most viewportshaders.
  • Joao Sapiro
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    Joao Sapiro sublime tool
    viewport normal mapping is always painfull...ben cloward might be the best suggestion.
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