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350 Tri alucard from Castlevania


hoping to get come comments or critiques on this.
Made with DS specs in mind.
if you have any ideas on how i could improve it, i'd be glad of the feedback. smile.gif




  • Darksun
    very nice! would love to see that on the DS!
  • killingpeople
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    killingpeople polycounter lvl 14
    i think you've done an excellent job on it thus far, i wanna say good work. i think the wrinkles on the back of the cape could be massaged so they transition from a crumple to a draped cloth better. i think the face is a too light making the face difficult to see, i think adding more shadow in the forms would help better comminucate the form, as long as you were cautious of becoming too distant with the original conceptualization.
  • PlayfulPuppy
    I'd also darken the hair a bit so it frames the face a little better. Maybe a little bit more towards a more saturated yellow, closer to the lining on the cape and jacket.

    ... is this my first post? I think it is.
  • steady
    very nice dude, excellent job squeezing all that detail into so little. try out those suggestions KP made!
  • rob_beddall
    re-worked the texture a little.
    not sure how to make the cape look better. i tried hanging some sheets but they just hung like i have painted it. had to change it slightly tho. is this an improvement over the last image? looking forward to your responses.


  • vahl
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    vahl polycounter lvl 14
    forst off, great work, very efficient use of polies and texture space.

    though I preferred the jacket and pants like they were before ( darker), the face is a bit better though with that contrast, but you should keep in mind that alucard is half vampire, so he has to be quite pale. I also liked the white hair thing in SotN, dunno if this will be better for this one, because of the size of the model and the lack of contrast that would create.
    anyways, keep it up, great work ^^
  • rob_beddall
    just a quick reply.
    i think he "pops" more now that he has a different colour to his vest etc.
    also the highlights make him "pop" more.
    remember, it'd for DS so it's gonna be pretty small.
    i understand what your saying though. he has lost a bit of the "alucard" about him. but overall, a good result i think.
    hehe now on to finding a job....again!!!!!!
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