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Reckoners Fanart - Megan Tarash

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Justo polycounter

Hi PC! Happy to finally post this personal project I've been working on for a while now, a fan art of Megan Tarash, from Brandon Sanderson's Reckoners books. I've heard the audiobooks by Macleod Andrews so many times now and every time I listened I thought I had to make a little tribute to this amazing world and characters!

More pics and breakdowns: ArtStation - Reckoners Fanart - Megan, Justo Figueroa Ruiz

The goal was to create a realistic character using some of the newer tools out there, such as rendering XGen hair in UE. It was really challenging but the joy of seeing how far this has come since the beginning is great. For the next realistic character I make I'd like to work on something with more microdetail in the skin, and a more dramatic expression.

Sculpted in Zbrush & some hardsurface elements modeled in Blender, all the cloth parts were simulated in Marvelous Designer, UVs with RizomUV, textured in Substance Painter, grooming in XGen, postprocess in Photoshop.
Rendered in UE5.3...Hope you like it!


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