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Khador Widowmaker


When I started to import the Khador Destroyer into Dawn of War I found out that it is much easier to replace the scouts than it is to add the Destroyer as a my first model. So I am going to use the Widowmaker as a learning experience and hopefully gain the knowledge I need to import the Destroyer properly.


  • -DN-
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    -DN- polycounter lvl 15
    If that is indeed the ingame size you could cut out some polys, xtra loops that do not add much detail to the silouette like the edge loop around the bicep, you could take those polys and add more of the ref like the bullet strap across the chest or possibly the weapong since it takes up more realestate on screen. Im not sure how you have to rig the mesh to work in the game but it looks solid enough to lose some polies and still deform correctly. Now get to texturing smile.gif
  • dfacto
    Looks very cool man, but I agree with DN. You could easily chop off some polygons on the skirt if that's going to be the in game size.
  • Mark Dygert
    The problem with cutting more polys out is that you can zoom in very close to all the models in Dawn of War. The size I show is the default camera angle/zoom. The model this one is going to replace has a poly count of 3568 and is much more detailed including a mouth. The same models are used for up close in game cinimatics.
  • KDR_11k
    There's some strong LODing going on in DoW so there are quite detailled LOD0 models.

    Can he draw the sword for melee combat?
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