Arcane Castle - Speed Creation

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Hi guys, had to whip this sucker up fast took around 4/5 days of work. Theres still "ALOT" that needs doing, I'd like to add some fx shaders, uvmap the walls again, ambience, decals, props and eventually some higher detail geometry and sharper textures. But for now I'm outta time, if people want access to any of the stuff I've made just gimmie a shout.

Heres a few texture shots and a couple of renders!


I cud use a nice grass sprite if anyone has one they could lend gulp!


The tentacles are supposed to be animated and eventually attack the players, I cud use some sprites to blend them into the terrain better .

Finally some of the textures, they need work alot of work... hehe

Please excuse the waste of space this map was generated from another character mesh I didn't have time to remap it. This one will hopefully feature a .fx metallic shader.

Final Specs around 30k tris, about 15-20 diffuse with some alpha, this castle makes up only a small part of the level eventually all buildings are aimed to recieve custom shaders, entrance and functionality, tided uvwmaps etc... but for now I'm done hehe

Thanks for your time and interest


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