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Axel Foley

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kunglao polycounter lvl 14
As usual c+c welcome



  • almighty_gir
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    almighty_gir sublime tool
    hahahaha my friend has an awsome foley sig:


    anyway, axel foley is a legend. the only thing i would say, is your models face isnt quite accurate... it doesnt capture the complete likeness.
  • ElysiumGX
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    ElysiumGX polycounter lvl 15
    Ahkwel! laugh.gif

    Great character. Maybe a little too dark for some areas of the face.
  • TryForce
    lol gir... yeh optis sig xD

    gj on it buddy laugh.gif
  • kunglao
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    kunglao polycounter lvl 14
    thanx 4 feedback,there are a number of things that i am not happy with(always the case when finished!).
    ElysiumGX-your right about darkness i did renders using default lighting x2 instead of 1(duh!)also in BHC1 his afro is bigger where as i modellied it from eddy murphy ref in which he has a lot less!
  • motives
    pretty nice job, but he got reaaally long legs.. And also almost no neck. Kinda looks like he is shrugged.
    I would pull the crotch part down a bit and lower the shoulders a tad.

    keep it up!
  • Mark Dygert
    hahaha awesome! He seems a bit chuncky, I haven't watched the movie in a while but I remeber him being a bit more wirey. In particular his forearms/wrists seem a bit thick. Great work, I like the model. I might be able to give more crits if I knew the poly count and saw a wireframe view, but really it looks great. Nice job on the jean texture, did you use a denim material as a base and paint wrinkles and shadows on?
  • Weiser_Cain
    Looks like you used old eddie murphy as a ref instead of young eddie. He's a bit too chunky, dark spaces between his teeth need to go. He didn't have an afro but he did have hair.
    I don't think he wore that jacket untill BCII which I think this is from
    and see his ass still fits in his jeans.
  • Mark Dygert
    After looking at the face some more I think the lips and teeth need some work. Here are the changes I would make to the head, I mostly worked on the mouth.
    - Like the rest of the model the head is kind of "fat" so I shrunk it, horiz.

    - The lower teeth are catching more light in your render which makes it look like he has an under bite. To compensate for this I would paint a shadow on the lower teeth, as I did. As well as erase/paint over some of the dark lines on the upper teeth like Cain suggested. On the mesh his teeth apear to be in the right place, but the texture gives him an underbite and he looks a tad too much like Bubba from Forest Gump.

    - The lips need to be bigger. Eddie has some big ass lips, its part of his character. You almost never see his lower teeth when his face is relaxed, or he is not smiling. On the model the lower lip need to be thicker on the sides/near the corners of the mouth.

    - The upper lip just needs to cover more of the upper teeth.

    - You really can't tell, but I moved the lower outer corner of his eyelid in a bit.

    - I also suggest using less harsh lighting in general. Using hard/contrasty lighting makes some of the features hard to see, and others stand out too much. It also makes him look darker than he actually should be.
  • notman
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    notman polycounter lvl 15
    Wow Vig, that's a huge improvement. I still think the eyebrows would need some touchups, but that is much closer.
  • ScoobyDoofus
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    ScoobyDoofus polycounter lvl 15
    I like the body, but the likeness isn't there for me.
    Believe me...hehe. I've recently discovered how difficult it is to do a good likeness. Here are some Eddie headshots from that era.
  • notman
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    notman polycounter lvl 15
    You can see in that middle image where he's wearing the sweatshirt, his arms are much smaller. Something to remember, he was a starving comedian back then wink.gif
  • kunglao
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    kunglao polycounter lvl 14
    Thanx for feedback guys,Have made several changes following your replies
    Finished with this now but as always i would appreciate your c+c
  • Badge
    i just gotta say the sig is fuckin awesome gir!
  • Scott Ruggels
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    Scott Ruggels polycounter lvl 13
    The likeness is much closer in the face, but you still need toslim down the legs and hips to make for that lean look Murphy had back then. His hips should be markedly narrower than his rib cage. Pay close attention to the shap ofhis eyes,and the vertical crease just below his cheek bones, Oddly the 3/4 facing to the viewer's right is more accurate than the 3/4 facing the viewer's left. the straight on is good too.

  • CMB
    Was the specularity map realy needed that much?
    He looks too shiny now.
    Oh and since i'm picky...
    Lower the contrast on the neck or blur it.
    Its too cartoony.
    Pretty awsome though.
    Oh and can we some some wireframes of this guy?
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