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max 7 export problem (again)

Can NE1 help me export a biped character from Max 7 as an mdl file? Im getting a weird biped error (see image here.)Need help soon! error.jpg Thanks, todman


  • thomasp
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    mdl is a pretty widespread format. in your case it would probably best to tell what kind of exporter you're using.

    anyway, it seems like you're trying to export your biped-toe as a mesh somehow. did you modify bone properties? try to select that bone and check if the character studio rollout still shows up.
    if your exporter allows you to select the meshes/skeleton parts for export, make sure that no biped parts are marked for export as geometry.
  • todman
    Im using mdl exporter from Sylic games which I dont think is even a company anymore. Ill try what you said. Yes, the character studio roll out still shows up when I select the bone.
    thanks, todd
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