max annoyances i'd like to get rid of

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thomasp polycounter
max users, has anyone else encountered these and willing to spread some knowledge:

- numerical entries in status line or transform floater get either rounded down or set back to zero. i'm not aware that i changed something within the preferences but it's a new annoying behaviour. this happens regardless of scene scale, unit setup and snapping status.
where's the secret to get rid of this? on another installation it's working fine...

- max7 direct3d specific: when i set up your average realtime shader preview with metal bump and i use at least a certain number of lights AND create an animation to e.g. rotate the lights around the scene, changes are that while everything displays and saves just fine, on next scene loading, the realtime lighting in the viewports is screwed up and replaced by a single fixed light that shines from above.
happens only on surfaces that have a viewport shader applied. everything else is shaded correctly and in renderings all is fine.
however, neither reloading the scene nor resetting or restarting max or even the machine fixes it. seems burned into the file. possibly a bug?



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