Here is a model I made for my Half-Life 2 mod based on the anime Naruto. This is Tsunade, the big booby lady wink.gif




  • Chunkey
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    looking good smile.gif it looks like a well built model, although areas like the waist seems to have lots of edgeloops that don't seem to be doing much to the shape but it does have personality laugh.gif

    I did a quick google search just now for pics of her- between the hentai pics of her getting stabbed by a load of penii and hands, I did managed to find a decent pic and it's a good likeness smile.gif

    The main area you might wanna take a look at is the hips- from the front profile, they are too far foward, which is putting her off balance at the moment. Also, they need to be a bit more curvy for they look a bit manly at the momement.

    How are you planning to texture her when it comes to the style?
  • Idane
    My mod is going for a semi-realism style without losing the anime look.
  • Toomas
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    Maybe make her legs little longer to balance out her big head? Right now i think shes ~6 heads tall but grown-up anime chars are usually ~8. Actually i would make legs longer and head smaller to achive 8 heads.

    PS i havnt watched a single ep of Naruto so if current proportions are true to the series keep them.

    Nice model anyways :P
  • thinsoldier
    hmm...after having recently watched 103 episodes of Naruto back to back....I think her tits need a bit more lift, but not to the point where they look fake. Just think, really really good naturals. And the legs look off too...cant explain it they just do. She has a sexier bum as well. Kind think of it like, if you took a (non-skinny) supermodel and respectably covered her in proper clothes, her sexiness would still show through somehow. This is a real good model, but this just doesn't feel like the body of the sexy old woman from the show I'm familiar with.

    If you want I can grab some screenshots for you.

    Almost forgot, she doesn't have that necklace anymore. She lost it to Naruto in a wager.
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