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spacemonkey polycounter lvl 11

I spent 1 hour doing this tonight, based off a 1 inch pencil sketch I did a while ago. It was good fun!
If other people want to post their speed paintings here too then feel free! grin.gif


  • Thegodzero
    Freaky, but in a good way. I like the skin texture, very disturbing.
  • spacemonkey
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    spacemonkey polycounter lvl 11

    Cheers Thegodzero,

    Here is this mornings speed painting.
    It also took 1 hour and I based it off a 1 inch sketch once again. I tried to loosen the flow up a little with this one, taking some inspiration from craig mullens style.
  • Skindancer
    Edit: woops forgot text tongue.gif
    about ten minutes on the first ...it was accidental and just did itself realy °_°
    second one was alot longer don't really remember :/
  • poopinmymouth
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    poopinmymouth polycounter lvl 14
    Awesome man, and great way to bring the colors around the skin tones. I like.
  • Steve Schulze
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    Steve Schulze polycounter lvl 15
    Ooh the mindflayer guy is awesome. I really like the texture of the skin you've got in both of the pieces. Nice work indeed.
  • spacemonkey
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    spacemonkey polycounter lvl 11


    glad you like them guys, another 1hr fat guy

    Skindancer, how long you spending on those pics then ? smile.gif
  • John Warner
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    John Warner polycounter lvl 14
    very nice detail. cool stuff man, i love the style. i like the seccond guy especialy
  • MAUL0r

    45min tauren rough.
  • spacemonkey
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    spacemonkey polycounter lvl 11


    Not a speed painting. I wanted some practice painting in photoshop without using too many layers, the smudge tool or anything else fancy. It felt good to rough things out more and it helped me from getting too obsessed with details. Still lots of perspective issues though and lacks colour.
    No refs used laugh.gif
  • spacemonkey
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    spacemonkey polycounter lvl 11

    older speed painting, I did this the other week but was too distracted to post it. Another fat ugly guy, which I feel needs more depth to it.
  • Amphi
    I hope speed Sketches will do fine too...

    this is after 30 minutes.
    I just started with the eye and added what i thought suited

    60 minutes

    90 minutes

    baah:P I hate it already so there will not be a 120 or 150 minutes pictures.

    Nice fast painting job spacemonkey:). you master the skill of painting far better&faster than me for sure;)
  • killingpeople
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    killingpeople polycounter lvl 14
    how are you achieving the color in these paintings?
    just very quickly, if it isn't a problem - what blending modes, colors, steps etc.

  • spacemonkey
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    spacemonkey polycounter lvl 11
    Amphi, sketches are welcome too. interesting creature there!

    Hi killingpeople, I guess it depends on which pic you want to talk about. I have tried to vary how I've worked in each one, trying to break my learnt habits and force myself to try different methods of working.
    The first pic I think I used allot of solid painting normal mode with varying oppacity through the shortcut keys. Others I tried to used more hardlight in combination with normal/opacity. Too often I find myself accumilating too many layers so the big ugly creature I forced myself to only ever be working in 3 or less layers.
    On some of the pics I used a bunch of layer adjusts - painting in the alpha mask as a quick way of controlling highlights and shadows and avoiding the saturation issues of dodge and burn.

    If anyone has good suggestions for a fast workflow for photoshop (speed paintings) then chime in!
  • spacemonkey
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    spacemonkey polycounter lvl 11

    Not a speed painting, just a fun painting all in photoshop today. smile.gif
  • MoP
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    MoP polycounter lvl 14
    I really like this new one. The texture and expression and lighting on the face is great. I woulda probably taken the darks a bit darker (especially the background), give it a more eerie feel, like he's looming out of the darkness. Right now I think his tonal values are fine, just against the background with a similar value, it lacks depth.
    Cool stuff though. Makes me wanna try a speedpaint for this thread!

    [edit] Scribbled a basic thing out in colour on one layer, didn't like it much, so did a Gaussian Blur on a 15px radius, then picked out and detailed the bits I liked. I've been using this technique a lot recently, just copying a layer, blurring it then painting over - it leads to improvements in general proportion and lighting for me, because i usually end up focusing on detail when I should be looking at the big picture. Try it, might work for some of you too! smile.gif

    15 minutes:

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