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Working on a mod for HL2. I have been posting this around, but haven't really been getting that much feedback on it. Let me know what you think!


  • flaagan
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    flaagan polycounter lvl 18
    2d and painting aren't exactly my specialties, but what I'd have to say needs some work is the contrast and edge definition on some of the icons. examples being ensnare and hells ivy. while the idea is there with both icons, how dark ensnare is and how monotone hells ivy is makes them kind of hard to read.

    hope this helps some. very cool icons.
  • adam
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    adam polycounter lvl 17
    I love the icons. They look great, professional. But I'd change the way you have the text setup to make it a little more easier to read.
  • moose
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    moose Polycount Sponsor
    those look sweet!

    Of the ones taht id dont think are quite as solid:

    Throw Rock: just just glancing at it, i dont get that im throwing something, or that is a rock.
    Gut could use a little more depth/gore
    maybe some 'action' lines coming out of the sword on Shatter?
    Hell's Key is a bit confusing that it coats your weapon, and the 'charge' ability also does something to your weapon. Id keep that consistent - icons that affect weapons have weapon in them... etc.

    but yeha, i think they're cool smile.gif the circles are great.
  • Matabus
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    Matabus polycounter lvl 16
    Top notch stuff, buddy. I would have to agree with the previous comments, a little more contrast being the only thing I would personally change. I find my mouse cursor drawn to them mysteriously while on this thread. cool.gif
  • poopinmymouth
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    poopinmymouth polycounter lvl 17
    gorgeous. my favorate is the sunset one. although they all look great. wonderful colors man. 8-)
  • GPointAnd
    Flaagan: Thanks! I noticed it right when you said something, I've made some corrections to make them look better.

    AdamBrome: The text setup was more of a test really. I was seeing how much space I needed to make the window that the icons lay on. I'm messing with some other options, maybe a mouse-over description or something.

    Moose: A lot of people don't really like Throw Rock. That's probably the worse one, and it took the longest. I tryed lots of different looks, and I think this one looks the best. I'll change it if I have time. I changed Gut and I really liked the idea for Hells Ivy and Charge, thanks!

    Matabus: Thanks for the comments! I changed the contrast, and I agree, makes them look a lot better.

    Poopinmymouth: Lovely name, and I appreciate the comments! My favorite is the Sunset one too! Thanks!
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