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FBX scale(Fix)

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iam717 greentooth
idk if this is fixed in newer max fbx exporter "codes", using an older one and this is the fix for the scale issues i get when importing fbx into marmo4.
I have to export from max auto 1.0 scale fbx, then go to blender 4+ and put these settings below, you can not see the

trans form: scale size

but it is, Blender FBX export 0.393701 (fix) type it in, hit enter. add more numbers if you find it off by a hair add to the 1(last digit) 111 or anything you need, I'd like to know if you found it to be off.
settings i used to keep animations and fix scale for anyone that needs it, took a bit.
Your welcome.


  • Ruz
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    Ruz polycount lvl 666
    The odd thing previously w\as that to export to maya I had to export at 100 time sthe size, now I have to export at a scale of 1
    They keep on messing around with stuff :o)
  • iam717
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    iam717 greentooth
    Yeah its silly, though i keep thinking they want people to pay attention to those with "influence", as it seems there are talks about situations arising.  Any who if it is, its nice to see people "caring about it all", at least they "come together", when situations whether real fake or orchestrated spring up on all of us.
    "They keep on messing around with stuff " 
    There is another look at it, it could be to stop us from doing things so they can shove their b.s. aye.eye.scripts/programs+ (as we can see in general thread still on front page not letting it die out) in adding "bugs/features/crashes" to make things we use more problematic.  Anywho i just wanted to share this in hopes it helps anyone/everyone out who has to deal with these things. .

    This "FiX" helped me sort out the application issues from xfering between applications, they all seem in sync now and i will not be updating to prevent further

  • poopipe
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    poopipe grand marshal polycounter
    Fbx is perfectly fine as far as unit conversions go and has been for as long as i've been using it - either you're doing it wrong or the importer is doing it wrong

    answer the following questions ..
    what are your scene units in max?
    what are your system units in max?
    what unit conversion have you specified at export from max?
    what units does your target application expect the fbx to be using?

    Most likely you're exporting the file and marking it up to use one unit type, then feeding it to an application that's expecting another. (if the application can't handle unit conversion on import it's doing it wrong)
    Assuming that 's the case, you need to make sure that what's in the fbx file lines up with what the target application expects.
    ie. if it's expecting centimetres, force max's exporter to convert units to centimetres. 

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