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XGen Alembic hair - is it possible to create more angular and styllized hair?

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Hi everyone! At the studio i work at we are making a portfolio piece and i was given the task of creating Xgen alembic hair for this cowboy character. The hair is more angular and really stylized and i was tasked with keeping this stylistic decision in alembic. I have some experience in XGen however never with stylized grooming. I tried tube groom as well as just normal guides but it doesn't really give me the desired result(it was just testing but even in preliminary stages not what i am going for) - the hair is too flowy and more like a princess rather than the style we are going for. The tube groom is a bit hard to control too. I was wondering if you guys have any tips on how you'd approach this type of hairstyle\what technique you would use. 
Thank you in advance:)
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