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[Revenue Share] Looking for talent: Community Owned MOBA-Like Brawler Game

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Project F is a MOBA-like game project focusing on top down ability combat.
We are a group of passionate gamers voluntarily contributing to the project, with ambition of making it profitable in the future.
Taking inspiration from Battlerite, HOTS, Fangs, Eternal Return and more, we believe in smooth combat enhanced by strategic decisions around objectives on the map. 

We want to create the game we have been longing to play for so long!

What we currently have :
  • WASD-driven combat focused on precision skill-shots
  • A custom ability system
  • A good selection of Artists
  • Concept art & a few early 3D models
  • An early map & tons and tons of champion concepts, world building and more
What we need :
  • 3D Animation artists
  • VFX Artists
  • Engineers with experience in multiplayer implementation and/or Unreal Engine 5
  • Passionate and talented people who feel their skillset can contribute
If you are into top down ability combat and want to evolve the arena and minionless MOBA genre alongside a team of likeminded individuals, or think you can positively contribute to its success;
DM krabzmop on discord.
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