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[CLOSED] Looking for a freelance 3D artist in blender

Hi, I am just an individual looking to get some environments and other assets modeled for personal use, with textures and color. 
The projects I have in mind would be pretty big so I'm open to any and all discussion of prices and time to delivery. I also recognize due to the scale and complexity of some of my requests that I might not be able to afford them all at once, in which case I would be happy to keep commissioning any interested parties in the future when I could pay what you deserve. The specific things I was hoping to get modeled are in the pictures below, feel free to email me if you are interested!

Erebor - the whole mountain, including the gate but not the town
Erebor  In the Shadow of the Mountains  Obsidian Portal

Nerv Headquarters - The pyramids and buildings aboveground, and the city/landscape underground
can be separate
NERV Headquarters  Evangelion  FANDOM powered by Wikia
NERV Headquarters Neon Genesis Evangelion  Animu  Pinterest  Neon and Neon genesis evangelion

Giant tree and demon
written description found here - https://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/scp-6666
SCP-6666  Villains Wiki  Fandom

Reach me at hamishianbrown@gmail.com
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