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UE5 Desert Shop Environment

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ThisisVictoriaZ polycounter
Hello polycount! Happy to share my latest environment here, the Desert Shop  :3

Check it out on my artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/49roZq

I'm super proud of how it turned out, and I had a lot of fun trying new techniques and workflows with this one. Hope you enjoy~
Desert Shop Environment
Desert Shop Environment
Desert Shop Environment
Desert Shop Environment


  • Shrike
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    Shrike interpolator
    Looks nice, however id try do some post processing on the colors, also im not sure if the shot is framed the best, its a bit cropped on top right awkwardly

    Here I added some blue/purple in the shadows, and some red and yellow in the midtones, highlights
    Something still feels slightly off maybe with bounce lighting or the exposure, the rocks seem slightly darker than id expect, maybe your textures are too bright, leading to the rest to compensate
  • Jalalzai
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    Jalalzai polycounter lvl 3
    Looks good !, 
    The objects that you have created looks great, one thing that i noticed before everything else is the way the ground itself looks and i think that is something that can make your work look much better plus the stones on the ground can be of similar color pallet as the rest of the environment itself.

    Another great addition would be these shades, In deserts the sun is really hot and people usually always use shades and its color and the shadow it creates could give the scene a bit more feel of being lived in...

    I hope i make sense, english isn't my main language.
  • ThisisVictoriaZ
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    ThisisVictoriaZ polycounter
    Thanks @Shrike I appreciate the adjusted image! For the color palate I was trying to keep everything a bit muted and desaturated, however I do see what your saying about the rocks. Those were something I added very early on and didn't really touch again. I wasn't really sure what was off about them but now I see the base color is off, so ill keep that in mind for next time! 
    and thank you @Jalalzai as well! I love how those canopies look! This project is finished but I can see that in the future I should do more research on references that will help add to the realism of me environments. I did want the stones to stand out as sort of a compositional way to lead the eye to the building itself, but the may stand out too much haha 

    I will keep in mind both of your suggestions for my next environment!

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