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Quake1 engine, Unreal97 / UT99 map loading (help needed) (opensource) (C engine,but C++ unr exists)

Model_brush.c is the main file where new map and model formats are parsed: https://sourceforge.net/p/chaosesqueanthology/code-t3d_attempt_engine/ci/master/tree/model_brush.c

An example one is void Mod_OBJ_Load on line 7562. Which loads the triangle data for an obj file (loads the vertex and then the face data).
It would be nice to load the .unr map type too. These usually contain much less triangle data than any object file: but they are and were high quality maps and were fun.

Then a line is added in Model_shared.c to let the engine know that format is now parsable and what subroutine to use: https://sourceforge.net/p/chaosesqueanthology/code-t3d_attempt_engine/ci/master/tree/model_shared.c
An example of this is in Mod_LoadModel, the on line 575 if (!strcasecmp(FS_FileExtension(mod->name), "obj")) Mod_OBJ_Load(mod, buf, bufend); . Which tells the engine if the file extension is .obj to execute Mod_OBJ_Load.

There are also .h files for both to add the headers of any new subroutine or global variable used.

There is C++ code to load .unr files here: https://sourceforge.net/p/chaosesqueanthology/tickets/2/attachment/UShock_source.tar.bz2
But our engine is C. The C++ code is opensource.

Please help.
This engine can already load PSK files from later unreal formats, and this opensource game has already implemented weapon models and weapon game code similar to many of the unreal and unreal tournament weapons. All opensource (code and media). If .unr model/map loading could be added then all those maps could be enjoyed in a project all opensource programmers could use.


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