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(COMMISSION CLOSED)Looking for a 3D modeler to create a head/face bust STL

Thank you all to everyone who contacted me with interest in this job. I received many replies to this commission and it took me a bit to get through them all. This is an extremely talented community but after much deliberation I have found someone to take the job. My intent was to respond to everyone individually but new emails are coming in faster than I can send them out, so I've decided to post this update here and leave it up for a few days before closing the post. Thank you all again!


I am looking to commission a 3D model of a character’s face/head. The goal is to have it be as realistic as possible and close to the reference images I provide as possible.

The challenge here is that this character was produced using AI, and so the three reference images I have of the character at different angles aren’t 100% the same. Details like hair change between images, as well as very slight variance in the actual facial anatomy. Because of this, I trust the artist with full discretion regarding how to blend or choose which image to work from for the model. All images are close enough that I don’t think it will matter much.

The character is meant to look like a real person, and the hope is to have the final model look as close to a c-scan of a real person as possible. It doesn’t need to be rigged or animated.

If possible, I’d be interested in two version of the model: one with hair/eyebrows/facial hair, and one without any hair.

If you need more references than the three I provide I can try to generate more.

If you’re interested in this commission, please message me on this platform. Let me know when you would like to start (I’m flexible), how long you think it would take you (I’m very flexible, take your time), some of your work to see if you’d be a good fit for this job, and what your prices are like.

Thank you for your consideration.

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