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Portfolio Review Hardsurface/Environment (2)

Hello fellow Polycounters!
I've taken the feedback I've gotten to work on lighting/rendering. I've also added new pieces to my portfolio. I would love to get some feedback from you guys.

You can find my portfolio at: https://www.artstation.com/artbyfan
My previous progress thread is here: https://polycount.com/discussion/233893/portfolio-review-hardsurface-prop-environment#latest

My current goals are to get into the AAA industry as environment artist/ prop artist. I would appreciate any advice regarding polishing my portfolio further, what it is lacking compared to current hires, and what other skills I should demonstrate with my next portfolio piece.

Thank you for your time and keep on rocking!


  • coolguyslims
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    coolguyslims polycounter lvl 2
    Something that stuck out to me in your 'SCP Office Prop Breakdown' is how dense a lot of the props are. How are you creating those props? Are you baking down from a high poly mesh? It looks like you might be creating those props using face weighted normals with no bake (no curvature, normal bake)? I'm a little confused.
  • FissionMailed
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    FissionMailed triangle
    You're right! 
    I've taken a stab at reducing the geometry of the props and added weighted normal + hardedges to the reduced low poly. Thankfully it worked out well enough I think. The results are posted back on Artstation.

    Reflecting on it now, my workflow was to build a mid poly with mostly quad faces, add holding lines, and subdivide. And bake the high poly down to the mid poly. I think this worked for baking as the holding lines that helped create the high poly also do a good job of orienting the normals (essentially emulating weighted normaled lowpoly?).

    I somehow had never heard of weighted normal before today, definitely will include it in my next project. I think I'll need to reorganize my thought on what my baking mesh vs low poly should look like.

    Appreciate you pointing that out, keep on rocking!
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