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Portfolio Review-Hardsurface Prop/ Environment

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FissionMailed triangle
Hello all
I would love some feedback on my portfolio I put together for an entry or intermediate level artist. My artstation can be found here:

Any feedback or general advice would be appreciated!
Thank you.


  • Leinad
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    Leinad polycounter lvl 10
    Hi there, here are some feedback on the portfolio :)
    Gear of war inspired tower barricade:
    Looks good to me, nice texture, shapes, and detail. Definitely my favorite piece in the portfolio.
    If I was looking at these models I'd really like it if there were some examples of wires and materials to get a better sense of your understanding for game optimization.

    Releigh Overtake 700C Bicycle:
    The texturing and modeling looks good. The final image outputs looks a bit flat to me in some screenshots. I think overall the art looks good, I think you can try to show off the final asset in a more consistently flattering composition/lighting.

    Fallout Inspired Retro Kitchen:
    Like the other models I think the modeling and texture is solid. It would be more visually interesting if there was a bit of break-up on how smooth/rough some of your surfaces are (roughness map variance). A lot of things in the scene look a bit too uniformly shiny/reflective/smooth/metallic.
    It also looks like you're using a SSAO which works in some spots but a lot of the models look slightly too floaty. I would look into creating a lightmap or some sort of more accurate ao/cavity in the texture to ground the assets a bit better. If you don't want to bake the ao, then you should probably use floating ao planes to better art-direct the ao light.
    I may be wrong, but it also looks like the microwave might be floating? (This might be intentional since some microwaves are attached to walls so wasn't sure if this is a bug).
    Overall, nice kitchen!

    Most of the areas that I notice first are lighting related. It's causing some of your screenshots to look a bit too flat. There are so many ways to resolve this. If I was tasked to quickly see what I can do to quickly resolve this I probably would see if I can bake out a quick ao/cavity/light-map.

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