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UE5- how do I add a candle flame into my world?

I'm a noob, so sorry if this is supposed to be really simple.

following a tutorial, I created a flickering candle flame material. Now I need to add this candle flame to the wick of my candle mesh. 

but....how do I actually do that? All the tutorials I saw only were for UE4 and I can't find the particle systems in UE5. It looks like I'm supposed to use niagara but how do I utilize it to add this candle flame material into the world?


  • Alex_J
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    you'll need to show the component hierarchy that you dealing with. Thats the upper left corner panel in the blueprint editor. Where you add new components. Presumably you already have some static mesh component for the candle. To attach a particle system you would add a new component, search for the particle system you created, and then position it in the viewport.

    if you made a legacy particle system it should still work in ue5. There is a converter but I dont think you have to use it. I am using legacy particle systems from an asset store pack for ue4 in ue5.
  • Fabi_G
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    Hi! Creating a Niagara particle system would be one way. Best check out the Niagara documentation/tutorials to get an overview and make some tests. You could then combine candle and flame in an actor. Depending on the complexity of the candle flame/material, you might get away just applying the material to some simple geometry.
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