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Metahuman - Games pipeline - What is your experience?

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Is anyone using Metahuman as a basis for creating characters?

We have been playing around with Metahuman for a month, but we don't want to use the out of box characters that you can create with the Metahuman creator since we feel that the faces look a bit bland from up close and far away in a game environment.

Using LOD 0 is out of the question since it uses 713 joints/bones. Using hair gooms, too intensive.

So, if you are using Metahuman:
Are you using one of the LODs?
Which one are you using?
Did you use Zbrush and the Metahuman topology to get a custom morph?
Are you using a custom mesh?
Have you come up with a solution for having a few characters on screen and a high FPS?


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